18 October 2021 Monday

Rosendahl introduces their new double spooler

Here comes a new opportunity to upgrade your existing line with RODS1250 H, Rosendahl’s new semi-automatic double spooler, which is especially suited for high-speed insulation processes. Rosendahl worked based on a list of requests and requirements when designing this new winder. At the top of the list were the CE conformity to cover the European standards and very importantly: all safety requirements. The new RODS1250 H offers a highly rigid machine frame for a wide range of products, has a product clamp for easy thread-up and includes a height adjustable traverse pulley unit for improved winding quality.

The RODS1250 H double spooler is set up for products of up to 15 mm in diameter and flat cables, too. Performance-wise it reaches speeds of up to 1500m/min for reels of max. 2500 kg in weight. The RODS 1250 H changes over automatically between two spools at full production speed without any limitations. The total reel change cycle is reduced to a minimum, whereas the machine is subsequently loaded and unloaded manually.
Every different kind of metal core products is suitable for this double spooler. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art Siemens control S7-1500. It is an entirely assembly- and maintenance-friendly machine. 

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