24 May 2024 Friday

PWM’s energy-efficient cold welders at Interwire 2023

PWM’s energy-efficient cold welders at Interwire 2023

PWM’s range of cold welding machines, including the best-selling EP500, will be presented by Joe Snee Associates, exclusive distributor for PWM in the U.S. and Canada, booth 1051.

Sales of the EP500 more than doubled last year. The energy-efficient machine is pneumatically powered and can be connected to a central air supply or dedicated compressor. Electrical power (a single-phase supply between 100 and 240 volts) is only required for the PLC control system. Safe, clean, and quiet to operate, the user-friendly EP500 provides a cost-effective method of welding rod 5mm to 15mm.

PWM’s portable air/hydraulic HP100 cold welder and the manually operated M101 will also be on show. The M101, a heavy-duty machine for wire 1.00mm to 5.00mm, can also be used to weld strip for armouring lines.

Small manual machines for fine/medium wire 0.10mm to 1.80mm include the hand-held M10 and M25 machines and the BM10 and BM30 models, for use on a workbench or with a cart.

PWM’s machines and dies (standard or custom-made) for wire, strip and profile, are designed and made in-house. PWM also makes specialist trapezoidal dies for welding material used in sub-sea cables.