24 May 2024 Friday



Mimtek Machine is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand with new
structuring, better quality, higher
performance machines and faster lead times.

As Mimtek Makine San. Trade Inc. we continue forging our way forward with 30 years of experience and engineering background and a dynamic and young engineer staff. We are solidifying our place in the world with better quality, higher performance machines and faster lead times. We continue all the machines needed by the cable sector with our knowledge and experience.
We are also simultaneously producing the cable grade granules (PVC insulation, sheath and filler, PE based non-adhesive filler, rubber-based filler, halogen free flame retardant PE granule, halogen free rubber granule, flame retardant PVC granule...) needed by the cable sector in our MimCab compounds department, which is another field we work in. 
By combining our R&D research and production experience in granule production activities with our engineering experience and knowledge we also successfully manufacture and install fully automatic feeding PE, PVC, PP, HFFR compound production systems.

Strong after sale services    
Our foremost working principle is to ensure customer satisfaction with our sensitive after-sales services. We provide 24/7 services to our customers with our experienced service staff. As long as our machines are in use they remain under our monitoring and attention through our record system.

We will expand our international customer profile
Export constitutes approximately 50% of our production, and we are working to increase this rate even higher. We have intensified our efforts to expand our overseas customer portfolio to achieve this. We will take our place as a participant in the Düsseldorf Wire and Tube fair, which will open its doors to visitors in June 2022.  We believe that we will achieve even greater success together with our employees and leave our future generations a roadmap for the path to industrialization.