14 June 2024 Friday

Elcab Kablo

Elcab Kablo

Elcab Kablo Profil Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. Board of Directors Chairman Nejdet Tıskaoğlu:
“We are a strong and leading brand
in the sector with the philosophy brought by our quality, assertive and competitive solution strategies.”

A strong, leading brand in the cable sector with good quality, confident and competitive solution strategies, Elcab Cable continues to produce with the goal of contributing to the country’s economy with new projects and achievements. We spoke to Elcab Kablo Profil Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. Board of Directors Chairman Nejdet Tıskaoğlu about the companies and its goals.

Can you tell us about the position and mission of your company in the sector?
Our company, which started operating in Istanbul in 1998, then in 2018 realized its first foreign investment with the production facility it began operating in Durban, South Africa and then increased its production and work volume with a factory established in Zonguldak, Çaycuma in 2021; manufactures various products used in the production of appliances such as silicone cables, glass fiber cables, silicone gaskets, silicone tubing, silicone profiles, cable groupings, signal lamps, plug-in cables and PVC cables. We have attached great importance to specializing in the silicone cable and white goods sector and therefore we are extremely confident in the production of very specialized silicone cables. This has become our most distinguishing identity. Silicone cable is an area with more specific and niche players and is a sector with less supply and demand. The large number of players at the point of supply means we have to capitalize more on price. Since we did not want to be in a price oriented, competitive environment we did not consider operating in this field. Also, Elcab Cable may give the impression of a company that only produces cables. However, our company does not just have a cable producer identity. We also produce cable groupings and supply these products to the appliance sub-sector. Our objective as Elcab Cable, a company with a solid position in the sector from these two starting points which aims to undertake projects with machine investments and expand our production, domestic sales & export volumes, is to increase our numbers in the near future to widen our employment field and contribute to the country’s economy through new projects and investments. Our main policy is to ensure quality production, on-time delivery, continuous improvement and development by increasing the education level of our employees with a customer-oriented perspective; and our main mission is to contribute to empowering the Turkish economy and helping our country achieve a level of increasing welfare.

What are your thoughts and efforts on your brand and branding?
My personal opinion is that in order to achieve profitable, good quality and successful business, the sector needs to be maintained under the leadership of strong brands that have developed themselves in areas such as company structure, background and machine inventory. I want to underline the fact that this is not a monopoly approach, but it is a requirement for the development and efficient management of the sector. As Elcab Cable, a company that has been operating in the sector for many years, we have created brand value by always aiming to be the best in what we do with our philosophy of quality, assertive and competitive solution strategies.
Why are you preferred?
Since the first day we started producing our main policy has been to meet the demands and needs of our customers at the highest level in all the products we produce, to follow and implement technological developments, to produce with sensitivity to the environment and community and to provide good quality services to our customers at the most affordable price. This focus on our customers has made us a preferred company that is always one step ahead of its rivals. With the corporate identity structure and brand value we have achieved we are among companies in high demand in the market that have the advantage of a competitive edge and constantly strive to grow. Because when it comes to corporate identity, companies that have this structure and are aware of the importance of corporate identity, are constantly change and developing. Our knowledge and experience in our sector, our customer-oriented production approach, and our corporate identity structure and brand concept add value and advantage to our company.

Do have sales to India and the Far East?
As a company that aims to keep its export country volume in a wide range and to meet the demands and requests of its customers by delivering its products all over the world with the advantages of affordable prices and on-time delivery without compromising on quality, we are aware that the India and Fareast markets are extremely important for the Turkish cable sector. Therefore, we aim to build a sales network in these markets through the service we provide with a customer focused quality approach, trade fair participation, market research and customer visits.

Can you evaluate the reflections of current economic developments on your company and your sector?
Due to the global problems experienced throughout the year, instability in the markets and fluctuations in exchange rates, companies not only in our sector, but also in all other sectors appear to be maintaining their existence stably at the same level without registering growth or development but without losing altitude or are trying to end this year with minimal losses.
While exchange rate and copper are considered the biggest factors when calculating costs in the sector, other silicon-based raw materials purchased in foreign currency are affected by the increase in exchange rates and this situation is heavily reflected in the costs. Since the purchases of raw materials and ingredients used in production for customers both in the domestic market and abroad are made in foreign currency, exchange rate-based developments have had an impact in the short term in domestic market conditions where sales prices are determined in national currency. As a company that exports to 56 countries and has a respected customer portfolio in the domestic market, we are affected by exchange rate-based developments at a balanced rate since we serve our customers in both domestic and foreign markets.  Because when it comes to foreign markets/exports, rising exchange rates have a positive impact on markets. In other words, we can say that the companies exporting in our sector have been affected in a balanced way by the economic developments and events that have been happening in our current year.

What is your vision for the term ahead of us?
We meet the needs and demands of our main export markets with a policy based on customer satisfaction such as affordable prices, quality and on-time delivery, and we engage in fair participation, visiting permanent customers and research and development activities to increase our sales network in these markets. Our vision for the coming period, as always, is to produce quality products with high capacity and provide timely service to customers with appropriate, effective and efficient marketing strategies. Machinery and qualified personnel are of great importance for manufacturing companies like us, and based on our success in these 2 areas, I can say that we are at a superior level. We are aware that our machine park is not the only factor involved in good quality and efficient production. We are well aware of how important having qualified human resources is. Our staff is comprised of experienced people who have accumulated knowledge over many years. We continue to work with great enthusiasm to ensure that our corporate identity has a professional approach by emphasizing the training of our new members.