25 February 2024 Sunday

Niğdelioğlu Metal General Manager Bekir Niğdelioğlu:
“While the increasing energy costs and supplies problems in Europe have created an opportunity in terms of our country, the drop in demand in these countries poses a risk for the period ahead”

The pandemic followed by the Russia-Ukraine war, changed all the balances in the world and caused unpredictable developments. Our country has also been affected by these adversities, especially the increases in natural gas, electricity and transportation costs, which have forced us to revise our sales prices although we did not want to.                       
Due to increasing energy costs and supply problems in Europe, the production of many companies was affected and some even came to a standstill. While this created an opportunity for our country, the drop in demand in these countries poses a risk in the period ahead.                       
If we can compensate for this risk, we project that the rate of exports in our total sales will continue to increase.                       

Supplying  raw materials at international standards to the cable sector                                In the cable sector, which is our main customer as Niğdelioğlu Metal, we supply copper and aluminum cable cores and wires as a deoxidant in aluminum in the iron and steel industry, in metallization works in the packaging industry and for use in the production of flat and round coil wires in copper and aluminum. Presently our product portfolio can be summarized as follows:
At our Grade A cathode copper consisting of maximum 5ppm oxygen content wire rod in diameters of 8.00 mm and 12.50 mm production facility;                                               
• 0.8 -15 micron copper wire tin coating in the range  0.80 mm - 3.00 mm,                               
• Mono copper wire in the range of 0.10 mm - 3.50 mm,                                           
• Tin covered mono copper wire in the diameter range of 0.10 mm - 3.00 mm,                                       
Heat treated, multiple copper and tin coated copper wires, copper and tin coated copper twisted wires in the range of  0.12 mm – 0.50 mm.       

At our constant casting from electrolytic aluminum ingot facility, we produce
• (min.%99,8 al) 9,50 mm - 12,0 mm- 15,0 mm aluminum wire
• 1,30 mm - 4,60 mm diameter aluminum wire

We moved up 119 rankings in the ISO top 500                        By never compromising on quality while we adapt to the changing market conditions and most importantly by practicing our win win policy, we moved up 119 rankings at once to become included on the İSO 2021 top 500 list as company number 440. We thank all of our stakeholders who took part in the efforts.