25 February 2024 Sunday

Calculate your cable cross-section with Nexans Easycalc

Making your life easier with its innovative products and solutions, Nexans presented its new cable section calculation tool Easycalc™ to industry professionals.

Designed for professionals such as electricians, practitioners, and engineers, Easycalc™ is a free solution that allows you to easily calculate the cable cross section.

As one of the first steps for a safe electrical installation, correction factors applicable during the installation phase must be considered during correct cable calculation. This is exactly what Easycalc™ does and requests basic information in the following 4 simple steps to apply the relevant correction factors.

1. Fill in the basic electrical data.
2. Specify the desired cable type from the list.
3. Select the installation method.
4. Examine the result, print it, and add to your files.

Easycalc™ uses default values in the standards, and with each result it also summarizes which values are used to calculate. This allows you to test several variants and then monitor your selection.
How can you access Easycalc™?
You can access it free of charge by visiting www.nexans.com.tr and clicking on Tools & Resources section or visiting Nexans APP and forward the detailed document to your e-mail address.

What cable types are available at Easycalc™?
Easycalc offers cross section calculation for all low voltage (0.6/1 kV) cables.