18 October 2021 Monday

Vatan Cable has commissioned its weak current cable production facility

Vatan Cable has commissioned its weak current cable production facility

Vatan Cable, a company that has continued investing since its establishment at a nonstop pace, is now resonating with the new investments it has made. Adding weak current cables to its product portfolio, the company has recently started to serve its customers with LAN (Data) Cables and Signal Control Cables.

Vatan Cable LAN Data Cables provide enhanced performance used to transmit high-speed data, digital and analog audio and video RGB signals in the local area network (LAN). The CAT 5e U/UTP LAN Data Cable supports the Gigabyte Ethernet (1000 baseT) standard and operates on band widths up to 100MHZ. The Cat5 is generally connected to switches, routers, desktops, IP telephones and network devices using the internet. The Cat 5e cable is generally used for office telephones. The CAT 6 U/UTP LAN Data Cable supports the 10 Gigabyte Ethernet standard. PBX, V.11, X.21, ISDN, Ethernet (10Base-T), ATM25/52/155 Mbit / s, 100VG-AnyLAN, Token Ring 16/100 Mbit / s, High Speed Ethernet (100BASETX), 1000BASE -T, 2.5GBASE-T, 5GBASE-T, PoE, PoE +, 4PPoE operate at frequency ranges up to 250 MHz for fixed installation in buildings, stations, structures and equipment. The Cat 6 is suitable for wide bandwidth video and digital video applications due to its low signal loss and better transmission performance at higher frequency. The CAT 7 S/FTP LAN Data Cable has 10 Gigabyte data transfer speed and band width between 600-900 mhz. In the Cat 7 cable each pair of cables is coated with metal foil. Before the plastic enclosure, all pairs are covered with coaxial cable style wrapping, thus minimizing data speed loss.

The LIYCY cables from our new products are used as signal transmission cables in internal settings. Their flexible and thin structure provide an advantage in narrow space applications. They are used in electronics, computers, building interior communication and in sound and security systems.

With the opening of the weak current cable production facility that is one of a select few facilities in Turkey with this production technology, our company has increased its product diversity to become a brand that can compete on a global scale in all product groups with its service and sus

tainable quality approach.

We are forging forward towards our goal to become a world brand with solid steps

Vatan Cable, a brand preferred by many national and international companies with its integrated production facility comprised of Low, Medium and High Voltage and Copper Wire Production Facilities established with high quality standards, R&D operations and advanced technology, has now commissioned its weak current Cable production facility to forge forward with solid steps towards its goal of becoming a world brand by currently exporting to 103 countries.

Able to produce its own energy with a WEP investment made in 2018, the company prevents 5 thousand 500 to 6 thousand tons of CO2 emission per year in the Carbon Footprint with the use of renewable energy. In our present day when the importance of global warming, climate change and energy efficiency is constantly on the rise, the company has imprinted it name on the “Environmental Companies” list with its use of renewable energy.

Ali TÜMKAYA |  Marketing and Brand Manager / Electrical&Electronics Eng