18 October 2021 Monday



Machinery safety requirements showing more integration in the world

Sami Ollila, Project Manager

The EU Machinery Directive was originally published in 1998, and the current version was accepted in 2006.  The purpose of this directive is to integrate the regulations and requirements with regard to the safety of machinery and equipment, and remove trade barriers by increasing the free movement of goods within the EU/ETA. Nowadays, the Machinery Directive is being more and more acknowledged in the world, including, e.g. Turkey, Norway and Switzerland, and one of the biggest projects in the history of mankind is to assure that people can always leave the workplace healthy and safe after work.

 We at Upcast Oy consider machinery safety a matter of honour. The very basic requirement in the design of the casting line is to guarantee that the line is of high quality, it is easy to operate, and all possible risks related to health and safety are taken into account.  The company has know-how, experience and expertise gathered over decades of these aspects. The design actively utilises the EN standards for machinery safety, which assures that the solutions are tested and proven to be good.  The professional team evaluates and analyses the risks, which are then minimised through many technical methods. With regard to any possible remaining risks, the customer will be well informed during training as well as in dealing with operation instructions and warning signs.  Knowing in detail the methods related to and determined in the EU Directives, EN Standards and Machinery Directive represents a huge advantage in the market – where not everybody has a similar understanding of it and its complexity.  It is good to remember that the buyer also has the responsibility to check and make certain that the supplier has sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of machinery safety and can thereby deliver safe machinery and equipment.

 It is also good to keep in mind that although the line is designed and built to meet the highest safety requirements, substantial responsibility for the safe operation of machinery remains with customers and their operators. The safety equipment must not be removed or modified, the original spare parts and consumables should be used, and customers should invest in their own safety culture in order to maximize the machinery safety of the casting line. Upcast Oy strongly appreciates the feedback received from the customers: getting close-call reports and development suggestions will help us to continuously improve our lines and their machinery safety.

    Many of us love our jobs, but we have to keep in mind that our families and friends also want to have us back home safe, sound and healthy every day after work. Let’s all maintain and improve machinery safety together.