14 April 2024 Sunday



Takımsan, the first planetary extruder
manufacturer in Turkey, exports to over 40 countries

Takımsan has been manufacturing planetary extruders and spare parts for the plastics industry along with cutting tools and gear manufacturing since 1981. Planetary Extruder use is successful in the PVC sector because it blends the raw material well, achieves high plasticity and eliminates the degassing problem. Takımsan, which manufactures planetary extruders under the Platex brand, is the first such company in the country. The company also exports to over 40 countries.  The planetary extruders, which are 100% the company’s own production, along with all mechanical components and planetary system reducer, achieve high energy efficiency and more power transmission.
With regular R&D work, our machines provide high quality and high tonnage output in the production of raw materials with different properties such as hard PVC, soft PVC, Wood Plastic, Bio Plastic, Recycled Rubber, PE + Calcite.
This system, which consists of two zones, can also expand its product range by producing materials such as hoses, roving, film, profile, corner band and coating material by using the necessary equipment (mold, calender line, etc.).

We will be at the Düsseldorf fair
We will be located at Hall 14, stand F28. You can see our housings and spare parts at our stand and get details on the fields our machines are used in and their mechanisms.
Do you have trade with/export to Germany and other European countries?
The European countries are very important market for us. So we definitely have business there. Holland, Belgium, Italy and Poland are just some of the countries where we have machines and spare parts and we regularly       participate in Cable and Plastic fairs that take place in Europe in order to increase our market share in Europe. We also have a stand in the K Fair being held in October of 2022. 

The first quarter was successful
Since the consumption of single use products increased during the         pandemic, our sales increased as well. In December our machines attracted a lot of attention at our stand in Tüyap. After that the first quarter went well for us in terms of sales.
We are aiming for new markets in 2022
European countries are always a priority for us. We also have regular     customers in the Far East, especially India. Our goal is to increase our brand recognition and represent our country in different geographies. In the long term Brazil, in the medium term America and in the short term the Middle East and Gulf countries are our target markets.