22 July 2024 Monday



Ören Cable has received its ETL Certificate and proven its product safety

Ören Cable, Turkey’s first coaxial cable manufacturer, proved the compliance of its products with superior safety standards by earning an ETL Certificate. Ören Cable, one of the oldest and most well-established cable manufacturers in the Turkish cable industry, has demonstrated with this document that its products meet UL, ANSI, CSA, ASTM, NFPA, NOM standards.

The ETL certificate is a sign of the product’s safety…
The ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) Certificate received by Ören Cable shows that a product complies with North American safety standards. Designed specifically for the United States and Canadian markets, the ETL Certificate is also accepted by many other international markets as both countries have strict safety laws. If the product has the ETL mark on it, it means it has been tested to set safety standards. The ETL mark is recognized by US and Canadian jurisdictions as proof that the product complies with relevant industry standards. Having the ETL mark on an electrically powered product means that it complies with all applicable standards and will not pose a safety hazard during its life.

“We are experiencing the excitement and pride of earning our ETL Certificates”
Making a brief statement about the ETL Certificate they received, Ören Cable Domestic Sales and Marketing Manager Melike Kahraman said “We have achieved great success with the coaxial cable product we started our operations with by reaching high sales figures in the domestic and foreign market. We then enriched our product range and by achieving the same momentum in our telephone cables and data cables, we solidified our strength in the domestic and foreign markets. In addition to the Turkish market, our company has high brand awareness in important markets abroad. We are the first and only Turkish company that has created a strong brand value in Germany, which is a technically strong market that is also difficult to enter, and we have been able to obtain technical approval for our products from cable operators operating in this country as well as proving ourselves in this market with our own brand. Our company, which received the first approval for its products from the cable TV operators in Germany in 2009, is in the 'leading' position among the coaxial cable manufacturers in the German Cable TV sector with a market share of 60% at present. Finally we as Ören Cable share our excitement and pride in achieving our ETL Certificates, proving our products are in compliance with UL, ANSI, CSA, ASTM, NFPA, NOM and other superior safety standards to meet the expectations and increase satisfaction among the customers we serve with our data cables”.

Quality service in 7 regions of Turkey!
Ören Cable continues to provide services since 1979 without interruption. With all its capabilities in advanced technology, well equipped production lines, engineer staff, customer-oriented solutions, and innovative vision, the company proceeds with the mission to provide the most suitable product for customer needs and long-term solution partnerships based on its reputation of ensuring its sustainability in the "low voltage cable sector" for many years.
Ören Cable continues its efforts to offer quality, innovation and diversity to the sector with its more than 100 employees in its modern production facilities with a closed area of 9,000 m² in Silivri, Istanbul. With its headquarters located in Istanbul Perpa, the company ensures the organization necessary to maintain its customer relations with its quality service approach in 7 regions of Turkey at every location.

A wide range of products…
Producing low voltage cables such as coaxial cables, CCTV cables, telephone cables, data cables, fire alarm cables, fire resistant cables, signal control - command cables, special / compound cables, Ören Cable combines many years of experience with its technological infrastructure to respond to customer needs with a wide range of superior quality products.
The company has also documented its “Integrated Management System” (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001). Focusing on constantly improving customer satisfaction with its ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate, Ören Cable bases its production on national and international standards. The company has “TSE, TSEK, VDE, Tüv Rheinland, Bureau Veritas, REACH, RoHS, CE (LVD, CPR) and other norm product certifications.

High speed data cables …
The data cables produced by Ören Cable serve as communication bridges in the automation systems of smart or semi-smart buildings, hospitals, cinemas, theatres, schools, shopping centers, airports, factories and tunnels with their fast data transmission properties.   
Data cables are used for data transfer in industry, computers and communication networks. Due to the diversity in the fields where cables are used, it is critical to make the right choice according to the areas of use. Ören Cable produces Cat5, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 group data cables with different technical features in high-capacity production lines without any problems to meet fast data transfer requirements. As the category of data cables increases, the sensitivity increases, so it is necessary to keep the impedance and resistance imbalance of the pairs under control during production. With a production line that can bend the cable in one step, the company provides online tension control at every stage from twisting the pairs to the last group twisting in order to keep these parameters under control. Also, with the latest testing devices the company has included in their laboratory to make sure production lines operate safely and smoothly, data cables can be tested up to the 2.2 GHz level.