15 April 2024 Monday



The world’s fastest coiling at 470 meters per minute … 

An innovative approach by Kablomak in the manufacturing of cable coiling machines

Kazım Yaşar

Kablomak General Manager

Drawing attention with its innovative approach to the production of cable winding machines, Kablomak offers its customers solutions through a wide range of products consisting of automatic and manual coiling, large automatic collectors, extruder lines, cable transfer, coarse and fine wire drawing, single and double reel automatic wire winding machines made in its modern production facility in Denizli. Kablomak General Manager Kazım Yaşar, who says that the automatic coiling machine for which they have obtained a utility model certificate, coils at 470 meters per minute, added “The machine we have developed does the fastest coiling in the world. We export this machine, for which there is high demand in the domestic market, to Russia and Ukraine”.

The fastest coiling machine in the world
Stating that the automatic cable winding machine they designed and manufactured is the fastest cable coiling machine in the world at 470 meters per minute, Yaşar said, “With our expert production team and strong administrative staff, we manufacture cable machines in line with the needs of our customers, using all the equipment required by the technology and information age. The coiling machine we have developed automatically winds from a 2500 mm reel to a 300 mm diameter reel. The machine, which we developed to prevent work accidents and increase occupational safety, is gaining a lot of attention with its features. We have filled our orders for 2021 and have started taking orders for next year”.

Export focused investment
Yaşar, who pointed out that they planned growth and investment with their focus on export, said the company exports to Russia and Ukraine, and added: “We are working very hard to raise our capacity to the highest level by following the developments in the world. We promote our products by participating in fairs. Most recently, we were one of 5 companies that participated from Turkey in the Wire Russia Fair organized in Moscow on June 8-10. We want to claim our place among leading machine manufacturing companies in the sector with our innovative approach. We make our investment plans in line with this. We will be realizing our new facility investment on a 5 thousand square meter area of the Denizli Machine Specialty Organized Zone within 2 years.” 

We have set our mission as creating added value for the sector
Stating that Denizli is one of the leading cities of Turkey in cable manufacturing, Yaşar said, “The cable industry being strong also develops the machinery manufacturing industry. Denizli is also the leader of our country in the cable machinery manufacturing sector. As Kablomak, we have set creating added value for the sector as our mission”.