14 April 2024 Sunday

Etik Plast

Etik Plast

Etik Plast continues its solution partnership in the cable industry with the representation of globally recognized companies

Etik Plast, which brings together the products of the world's most important companies with the Turkish industrialists, continues its service and quality journey. We talked to Sales and Marketing Manager Ajda Başoğlu about their companies and products.

Can you share with us the process from the beginning of your journey?
In this journey that we started in 2015 as EtikPlast, we maintain our innovative approach uninterruptedly by preserving the quality of our products that we have supplied and we keep following the technological developments in the sector. We offer our day by day expanding supplier staff, which consist of leading companies in the sector, to our solution partners. While continuing to contribute to the sector, we continue our research and development studies on products aimed at increasing quality with more economical costs. By examining the demands of our customers, we continue to carry out the necessary research meticulously and strive to provide error-free and timely service to their needs. We would like to thank all our customers who trusted us, supported us and helped us as much as they could on this journey.

Can you tell us about your product range?
Organic peroxides used for curing and cross-linking of ACE CHEMICAL company, which we represent, are mainly used in the cable, plastic and rubber sectors. (Diacyl peroxide, peroxide ester, ketone peroxide, dialkyl peroxide, alkyl hydrogen peroxide). We also have the representation of products of the same company in Turkey, such as azo polymerization initiator, flame retardants (Antimony Trioxide), blowing agents, anti-foaming agents, anti-static additives for plastic products.
ACEOX 101  which are Organic Peroxides of Medium Voltage Cables, Crosslinking Catalyst of Insulation Polyethylene in the Cable Industry, are among the main products of our company.
If we talk briefly about these products, they are liquid PEROXIT products that are odorless, slightly yellow in color, can be safely stocked, and do not change color over time. The general use of these products is to initiate the Crosslinking process in Acrylic Resins, EVA and LDPE products.
Acrylic Resins are used in the production of coating, foam, silicone rubber, Poly-Propylene and Homopolymer, which is the insulation Polyethylene of Medium Voltage Cables, and used in the formation of Cross-linking.
The bio-based ester product of the CINACORP company we represent, on the other hand, provides significant cost profitability when the amount of use of the main plasticizer is reduced by 30%-50% compared to the recipe and when the reduced amount is added to the recipe without impairing the quality. Our Composite plant ester, Epoxy Soybean Oil, Compounded Epoxy biologic ester products are also co-plasticizers with similar properties. These products are produced by companies that are one of the largest manufacturers in China.
Anti-rodent, Anti-squirrel, Anti-termite & Anti-Ant additive products of NICHEM SOLUTIONS that we represent, attract great attention from our customers. To avoid the damage that Rats, Squirrels, termite, Ants cause in plastics, instead of toxic products based on lead, copper naphthenate or cypermethrin, we represent eco-friendly, non-toxic & safe additives. These products are suitable for PE, PVC & EVA and they are used mainly for wire and cable, underground ducts, pipes etc. It has been used by our customers for a long time and has an accepted performance.

Same solution partner of ours NICHEM SOLUTIONS, provides the production of environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe additives to protect the microbial infection on plastic surfaces. Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Algal products offer combination technologies called ‘The MICROFIGHT Range’ based on silver, zeolite & several inorganic biostatic compounds which keep the plastic surface free from bacteria, fungus, virus & algae. The core applications are home appliances, Kitchen appliances, Water filter Units, Overhead Storage tanks, Toilet Seat Covers, Shower Curtains, Cosmetic Packaging etc.  They comply to international test standards like ASTM G21, ASTM, G29, JIS Z 2801, ISO 18184 & ISO 21702, ISO 20645, JIS 1902 for efficacy against micro-organisms. This product range has also gained the trust of our customers for a long time.
Although we have a Turkey representation agreement with companies that are experts in their fields, our staff in our office in China ensures that the products are checked and loaded one by one before shipment. As Etik Plast, there are also products suitable for the cable, plastic and metal casting sectors of other companies that we represent among our products.
Examples of these products are laminated phlogophite, synthetic, muscovite mica tape, all nonwowen or woven tapes used in the cable industry, filler yarn, Copper Tape, as well as our products such as Flake Graphite and graphite rolling, Energy and Data Cables HDPE, MDPE Sheath Products, Aerial Line Cables Thermoplastic and Thermoset Products with Carbon Black, Halogen Free Sheath and Insulation Raw Materials.
TDS, ROHS, REACH and MSDS reports of our products can also be accessed on our website www.etikplast.com