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Quality product, qualified team, reliable technical support, fast logistics infrastructure …

Unconventional service from Boyss Petrokimya to the cable industry

Sertaç Güler
Boyss Petrokimya Technical Sales Manager

Serving its customer, mainly in the cable industry, with a professional staff that analyzes customer needs in the most accurate way, Boyss Petrokimya continues to work and invest with the ideal of being a sought-after brand in Turkey and foreign markets. 
We talked to Boyss Petrokimya Technical Sales Manager Sertaç Güler about their company, products and goals.

Could you tell us about the establishment of your company ?
With the rapidly changing and developing technological innovations, the customers and business partners of today require more than just product supply. 
Boyss Petrokimya was established as an incorporated company based in Istanbul-TURKEY on 26.09.2017 with the objective of bringing all of these innovations to the sector its serves through the quality of the products they supply and the desire to become the best in fulfilling all the needs of its customers; and from the very first day onwards has been a supplier that makes this objective their principle.

What are your product types? Which sectors do you serve?
Our product range: Thermoplastic Raw Materials, Plastic Additives, Special Compounds.
Our Sectors: We offer our products to Plastic, Rubber, Beauty-Personal Care, Food, Home Care-Cleaning, Agriculture, Paint-Construction Chemicals Sectors.

What are your solutions for the cable industry?
As Boyss Petrokimya we mostly serve the cable sector. In this sense, it has always been our main priority to provide extraordinary service to our customers. With a fast logistics infrastructure, we bring the right product or products that our qualified technical team, who have gained many years of experience in various cable applications, deems suitable and that our customers need. It is our basic philosophy to always exchange ideas with our customers, from the trial stages of the products to the technical support and approval stages, and to continue our trade by working together for many years on the friendship and trust we have established.

Why are your products preferred? What are your quality standards and your approach to this issue?
The reason why Boyss Petrokimya is preferred by customers is that we provide the most accurate service to our customers with our professional staff who analyze customer needs in the most accurate way, our product supply with high quality and brand value, our fast logistics process and after-sales technical support units..

Could you evaluate the rest of the year for your company?
Our company Boyss Petrokimya, which is always aware of the difficulties and problems that its customers may experience in their production due to disruptions in the supply process, makes annual business plans in order not to interrupt the supply chain and always acts selectively and meticulously in working with foreign and domestic business partners who can keep up with these plans. With pre-planned programs and work delegation we intend to maintain our business volume, which did not stay below the forecast until the 3rd quarter and even exceeded its forecasts in many areas, through to the end of the year.

Anything you wish to add…
Growing and developing without compromising its goals and principles, Boyss Petrokimya will continue its investments as a sought-after brand in Turkey and international markets.