22 July 2024 Monday

Baycan Elektrik

Baycan Elektrik

IDEF'23 Fair for Baycan Elektrik
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Engin Yilmaz
Baycan Elektrik General Manager

IDEF'23, held for the 16th time in Istanbul between July 25-28, brought together the most powerful players of the Turkish Defense Industry and the world. IDEF, the largest Defense exhibition hosted by Turkey, was also the center of important negotiations. The exhibition was productive for Baycan Elektrik, which participated with its experienced team. The company hosted many national and international professionals and visitors at its stand for four days.
IDEF'2023 was a productive experience for Baycan Elektrik
Baycan Elektrik General Manager Engin Yılmaz said that they had a busy schedule of meetings during the fair and that the fair was productive for them. "We took part in the IDEF 2023 16th International Defense Industry Fair as Baycan Elektrik A.Ş. It is possible to say that the fair was productive for our company, which had the chance to see the latest technologies and innovations in the sector, meet with global defense supplier companies, learn about the products from their officials, and get inspiration for our business development projects at the IDEF Fair, where more than 1,000 companies participated."

The importance of the defense industry is increasing day by day
Stating that the Defense Industry is one of the most important sectors, Yılmaz said: "Today, we are faced with increasing uncertainties, risks and threats across the world. From border security to cyber security, countries need to keep their defense and security strategies up-to-date in order to be prepared for risks and threats in almost every field. Countries should closely follow developments in this sector and take measures against risks. In recent years, Turkey has prioritized the defense industry and increased its competitiveness. High-tech national defense industry products have been developed by supporting the R&D ecosystem."

We experienced moments of pride at IDEF Fair
Stating that IDEF 2023 is an important organization that brings together the leading companies of the Defence Industry and enables international cooperation, Yılmaz said, "The eye-catching stands of our friendly companies from Eskişehir made us proud. Military equipment such as rockets, missiles, unmanned aerial, land and naval vehicles, Kirpi and communication systems attracted great interest. As Baycan Elektrik, we were proud to be producing the cable equipment of these products."

IDEF made a great contribution to our 2023 vision
Stating that the fair made significant contributions to Baycan Elektrik, Yılmaz said, "We had the opportunity to get to know the side technologies in product manufacturing while adhering to the standards. From different crimping tool tools to marking, from product testing systems to scaled production systems, it made a great contribution to our vision in the projects we can do to recognize many new technologies and develop ourselves in this regard. We have taken new steps in developing not only our domestic but also our customer portfolio on the sales side and the supply chain on the purchasing side. During the fair, we had meetings with TAF and similar institutions about the service services we can provide to them. We talked about special process equipment with different companies in order to increase and sustain the quality of the products we produce in IPC standards day by day."

We had private meetings on the second day of the fair
Yılmaz stated that on the second day of the exhibition, they visited the team companies and general stands and had the opportunity to hold private meetings: "We talked with ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TAI and BMC about the projects we are currently working on and possible future collaborations. We had the opportunity to listen to the new technologies of the companies themselves. We then held meetings with our potential new customers. We first visited FNSS. Our team introduced Baycan Elektrik's production processes, current projects and our capacity in the defense industry to the purchasing officials. Then we visited Kale R&D, where we had the opportunity to discuss the production of motor cable equipment for missiles based on the work we had done together before. During the day, our stand was visited by HAVELSAN's system engineers. We discussed with ASELSAN Sivas and ASELSAN Konya the work they want to do in terms of mass production and capacity increase. Finally, thanks to our previous experience in the automotive sector, we evaluated our potential collaborations with Isuzu, Netrob, Cobo and Safkar companies. Baycan Elektrik has all the experience and standards required to meet the national and international cable equipment needs of the Aerospace and Defense Industry sector, which we observed during the fair. In this context, we will develop serial projects with companies. We would like to thank ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TAI, BMC and all the companies that work with us or will be our potential partners for their close interest in our company. There will be good developments in our business in the near future."