22 July 2024 Monday

A new warehouse for Rosendahl Nextrom, Austria

A lot is happening at Rosendahl Nextrom. The company is growing steadily and now the new extension in Pischelsdorf, Austria, is also finished. Thanks to this newly created space, it is now possible to process orders even faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, the production processes have also been automated and thus improved.


Around 3,000 m², distributed over two levels, are now available to the mechanical assembly, steel construction and warehouse departments. This warehouse was also partially built with a basement, resulting in a storage height of a good 16 meters.


During the planning phase, great care was taken to ensure that work processes could be made even more efficient and to facilitate the daily work routine. For example, automated parallel vertical storage systems were installed.


In total, about 2,500m ² of concrete and 420 tons of steel were utilized. Pipes, running a total length of 3,000 meters, are also in the new hall, though. On the façade and roof, 8,000 m² of panels and trapezoidal sheets were laid.


All in all, a very functional hall is now available. Important premises regarding the infrastructure were to make the hall future-proof and flexible. By doing so, the foundation for flexible use in the medium term was laid with little effort. Of course, good building physics is also important in order to be able to operate the hall economically in the future.