15 April 2024 Monday

MTB Industry, produces at international standards with its cable and electrical systems exporter and producer identity

Providing its customers with high quality products in cable grouping-design work, injection printing, plastic and metal assembly and terminal and socket production, MTB Industry also draws attention to its environmental sensitivity with its ISO 14001 Environmental management system certification.
We spoke with MTB Endüstri Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. Board of Directors Chairman Mustafa Talha Beceren about the company and its operations.

Can you tell us about your company?
When the German-based Haas Group company established in the Çerkezköy OEZ in 2010 wanted to move its investment from the region it was taken over by Hakan Beceren in 2013 and continued operating as MTB Endüstri Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
M. Talha Beceren, who undertook the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2018, expanded the company’s field of operation with a more active staff and a more dynamic vision, bringing our company to where it is now.
Operating in an area of 3600 m² with 80 employees, MTB Industrial Systems has exceeded its potential to become an exporter and producer of cable grouping/design work, injection printing, plastic and metal assembly and terminal and socket production. With its young and expert staff in the cable grouping, plastic injection and assembly sector, MTBES has the dynamic production structure to make quality that makes you happy.

What are your product varieties?
Home Appliance (television, coffee machine, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, etc.
cable grouping production)
Heating Systems & Cooling Systems (boiler, air conditioner, water heater, infrared heater, etc.
cable grouping production)
Automotive (sensor lights, stop lights, signal lights, seat belt cable grouping production)
Construction & Farm Machines (tractor, lawn mower cable grouping production)
Toys  (battery operated and electrical toys, etc.)
Construction machines, lighting, iron, steel and glass industry, rail transportation, mining,
health, food, shipbuilding, machine and electrical industries.

Why are you a preferred choice?
Our company professionally produces all the varieties of cable groups used in the sectors we mentioned above, in Turkey with domestic capital. With a global perspective and a deep respect for our sector, we have made self-improvement our culture and are pleased to provide quality production to our stakeholders with the investments we make in renewed technological systems.
Can you evaluate the subject of your products and service quality for us?
We have full confidence in our ability to achieve customer satisfaction by producing products with our young and research-oriented staff in compliance with the ISO 9001 Management System conditions, within the legal framework, observing customer terms, at the projected quality and within the scheduled time and budget utilizing our fast action and permanent impact structure operating with 100% control systems. We also meet the conditions of the ISO 14001 Environmental management systems with our sensitivity for the environment and keep our certifications up to date.

Where are your products available? Do you export?
90% of our annual production goes to leading companies in the domestic market that need cable grouping and assembly work.
10% is produced for export in direct proportion with the automotive and construction sector.
What is your vision and goal as the management, for the term ahead of us?
To gain a corporate identity to achieve a leading position.
To undertake domestic and international projects that bring in foreign currency and contribute to the
country’s economy.
To expand our network in all the fields we work in and produce cable equipment for both the domestic
and foreign markets.
To become a select company known for its quality and reliability.

Our biggest goal is to continuously increase the value we add to our customers, stakeholders, employees, society and the environment with our staff who are becoming experts in more different fields every day.