22 July 2024 Monday

Environmentally friendly, flame retardant zinc borate: "ZNB-35" from
Akdeniz Chemson

As a flame retardant and smoke suppressant, zinc borate is widely used, especially in PVC, flame retardant polymers, and coatings. Thanks to its high dehydration temperature (290°C), it can be used in high-temperature plastic processing.
In a time when environmentally friendly flame retardants are gaining increasing importance, Akdeniz Chemson contributes to the industry with unique and innovative solutions. ZNB-35 zinc borate can be used fully or partially instead of some flame retardants due to its more effective smoke-suppressing performance and its favorable price compared to other flame retardants.
ZNB-35 can be used in systems with or without halogens and increases the thermal stability of the system while enhancing UV stabilization. In cable applications, ZNB-35 is preferred by many companies due to its excellent particle size and distribution.

Akdeniz Chemson, a globally preferred chemical portfolio company
Akdeniz Chemson, the world leader in PVC stabilizers, aims to meet the formulation needs of its customers worldwide by focusing on quality, innovation, and sustainability, establishing itself as a 'one-stop shop' worldwide.
Producing the majority of its raw materials in state-of-the-art facilities, Akdeniz Chemson, as a vertically integrated company, has gained the trust of its customers both in local and international markets with product quality.
With decades of experience, Akdeniz Chemson continually updates its production resources and infrastructure, constantly developing its product range to meet the increasing demand for PVC worldwide. The company not only produces stabilizers but also related additives and is a pioneer in the production of industrial chemicals for PVC additives.
With the vision of becoming a globally preferred chemical portfolio company, Akdeniz Chemson pursues a broad vision that encompasses quality, human resources, and sustainability. As an industry leader with a strong global sales and service network, Akdeniz Chemson currently operates in Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Germany, the UK, Turkey, and the USA.”