22 July 2024 Monday

Europe's largest cable
Manufacturers' choice, Gürfil

We are proud to announce that recently Gurfil received an invitation to participate in an international tender for equipment for one of the largest cable manufacturers in Europe. It is no coincidence that Gurfil brand was in the first place among the invited companies.

Gurfil’s expertise gained over 40 years of work in the cable industry, is an irrefutable proof in its high-quality equipment such us: High Speed Braiders, Taping machines, Pay Off and Take Ups, Rewinder lines.
The company, which base is in Istanbul, has established itself as a reliable partner all over the world.  Gurfil’s extensive portfolio can deliver the optimal solution for different cables production from a small local factory to a global cable manufacturer.

Gurfil is family owned and run in its second generation. Machinery is one of the biggest Gurfil’s passions. With it’s proactive approach along with the companies dedication to complete technical equipment solutions, our customers can trust Gürfil to provide the highest quality braiders and taping machines for their needs.

For many years, innovation and technology is the key to Gurfil, the company is constantly improving its business by investing in the most modern development.  Gurfil's goal is to create value to customers all over the world and provide them with the most economical, efficient and technically advanced solutions, always taking into account the safety requirements.
Today Gurfil exports its products to four continents.
Up to today we expanded our product range into four groups with more than 100 products. These products are:

Foil, Film and Tape Group;
CU/PET, CU/PET/SY Laminates;
PET/ PE, PE/PET/PE laminates;
Mica tape (phlogopite, сalcined muscovite and synthetic);
SILICONE BACKED (Inorganic Layer coated) Phlogopite MICA TAPE;
PP Identification tape;
Polyester non-woven tape;
 Aluminium foil & Copper foil;
Fiberglass tape;
PP foam tape;
Kraft paper;
Crepe paper;
Semi-conductive tape;
Swelling tape;

Fiberglass yarn;
Ripcord yarn;
Waterblocking yarn;

Wire Group ;
Aluminum Alloy Wire (0.12 mm, 0.16 mm), CCA and CCS, Skin-Foam-Skin 3 Layer Physical Foamed Conductors;

Machinery Group;
At the moment we offer following Machines together with commissioning, after sales service and all the spare parts from our warehouse with professional service personnel 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:
• High Speed Vertical Braiding Machines (16 and 24 carrier);
• High Speed Vertical HEAVY Braiding Machine (16 and 24 carrier);
• High Speed Horizontal Braiding Machine (24, 32, 36 and 48 carrier);
• High Speed Mica Taping Machine (1,2,3 carrier, Pad and Spool head options) ;
• Wire rewinding line (semi and fully automatic);
• Pay-Off and Take-Up ;
• Spare parts for all equipment ;
• Air Wipe Units, ABS Spools.

We are not going to stop at what has been already accomplished
and we will do our best to ensure that the range and quality of products manufactured by GURFIL coincide with the requirements of the modern market and is available to customers anywhere in our country and abroad.

We hope that you will find a reliable partner in our Company!