14 April 2024 Sunday

 Erat Cable Board of Directors Chairman Fatih Erkan:
“We aim to provide major added value to our
country with the significant investments we have made in the production of Fiber Optic Micro cables, which were not being produced in Turkey”

Erat Cable, one of our country’s leading producers of fiber optic connection equipment and accessories, has brought this success to many countries throughout the world. By producing a product that is not produced in Turkey, the company continues to make investments with the objective of increased export. We spoke to Erat Cable Board of Directors Chairman Fatih Erkan about the companies and its goals.

What markets are you aiming for in 2024?
While new market are included in our plans we also plan to establish vendors in suitable cities in order to appeal to more segments in our country and grow in the domestic market. We also plan to establish vendors with international companies through new projects and new business partnerships in line with our goal of becoming an international brand while producing Local and National.
In addition to accessing new markets, we as the Erat Cable family will increase our technological infrastructure and R&D investments as a requirement of our vision and mission. We will not only be sales focused but investment focused for our work in 2024. We plan to invest in news machines to be able to respond more quickly to the demands of our customers and also to increase our production capacity. Of course, we also intend to increase hiring proportionately.

What field do you produce/provide services in? What is in your product range? When was your company established and can you provide some information on your production facility?
Our company, which is one of the leading fiber optic connection equipment and accessories manufacturers in our country, was established in 1998 to do fiber optic cable assembly and fiber optic cable splicing work. By producing fiber optic cables, fiber optic cable accessories, data lan cables and data lan cable accessories within our own structure, we have a wide range of products that cater to the demands of the entire telecommunications sector.
Our production is done in integrated facilities on a total area of 10000 m², 6000 m² of which is indoor area, in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and observing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements, by our expert team with knowledge and experience, using machines and methods suitable to the latest technological developments.
In addition to the products produced according to international and domestic standards, Erat Cable can produce according to special customer specifications and requests. Products are tested at every stage of production and especially during the final inspections, using modern testing equipment to ensure that only high quality products reach the customer. Erat Cable, which operates under the motto "Ask and We Will Produce at Fiber Speed", has made the ERAT brand a respected brand preferred in more than 35 countries abroad, as well as in the domestic market, based on the experience we have gained in the sector and the high quality products we offer. As ERAT Cable, we are proud to be a rapidly growing brand of our sector and to share our success and quality with our valued customers.

Do you have any R&D and efficiency work? If so, can you tell us about your projects?
Our company, which has broken grounds in domestic and national production since the first day of its establishment, is the only company in Turkey that also produces additional protective products within its own structure. The company successfully utilizes its years of accumulated knowledge in the sector and its technological infrastructure, reserves resources from its annual revenues in Turkey for R&D, attaches great importance to local and national production and continues such investments to provide significant added value to the Turkish economy.

What about your 2022 year-end turnover and export? What percentage of growth did you achieve compared to 2021? What are your year-end goals for 2023?
By working much harder, as 2022 was the end of the pandemic and the economic consequences caused by it, we continued our production according to domestic and international standards and the special specifications and demands of customers to export our products to 35 countries. During this period, in which the economy is against difficult times, we aim to double our exports in 2023, to make more investments in exporting and to develop our ties with foreign markets to increase our export countries to 60. We plan to make investments that will create employment opportunities to contribute to our country, to grow larger and to bring our local and national products to the forefront.

Is there a recent investment you have made? If so, what kind of budget did you achieve it with? Or is there an investment you are in the process of realizing? If so, what kind of budget have you reserved for this? What are your objectives with these investments?
We, as Erat Cable, have started producing the Fiber Optic MICRO cables, which were not being produced in Turkey before, with a major investment and aim to provide significant added value to our country on the subject of EXPORT in 2023.

What are the features that distinguish you from the other companies in the sector?
Erat Cable is a company that attaches utmost importance to domestic and national production, invests and provides very serious added value to the sector, with the goal that "All Our Effort is for Domestic and National Production" in order to produce technological products in our country.
We can list our key features that distinguish us from other companies under 5 headings with the investments we have made as Erat Cable.
• Quality
• Price
• Technological Production 
• Capacity 
• Reliable Delivery

The services we provide for the unconditional satisfaction of our customers and the fact that we can meet their urgent needs on time and on location are among our most basic features that distinguish us from other companies in our sector.