15 April 2024 Monday

Having risen 119 rankings on the
İSO top 500 list, Niğdelioğlu Metal
continues its consistent growth

One of the cable sector’s most important copper and aluminum cable core and wire suppliers, Niğdelioğlu Metal continues to grow with solid steps forward. Ranking 59th place on the second list of largest companies under the Turkey’s largest companies list published by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO) in 2020, the company got into the top 500 in 2021. Niğdelioğlu Metal rose 119 rankings at once to become included on the İSO 2021 top 500 list at ranking number 440. Niğdelioğlu Metal General Manager Bekir Niğdelioğlu, who commented on the subject, said the following: “As Niğdelioğlu Metal,  we have moved up 119 places to become the 440th company on the İSO top 500 companies list by never compromising on quality, adapting to the ever-changing market conditions and especially as a result of our win-win policy. We thank all of our stakeholders who took part in the efforts. The portion of exports continues to grow in our total sales and we project that it will grow even more in the period ahead.”

Niğdelioğlu Metal is the cable sector’s most important supplier
Niğdelioğlu emphasized that the company mostly serves the cable market and provided the following information about their product varieties: “The sector we serve as Niğdelioğlu Metal is mainly the cable sector. We are a supplier of copper and aluminum cable cores and wires to the cable industry. Also, due to the same chemical and physical properties in aluminum, we serve the iron and steel industry with deoxidant and in metallization works in the packaging industry the production of flat and round coil wires in copper and aluminum. Presently the main outline of our products is as follows.                   

At our Grade A cathode copper consisting of maximum 5ppm oxygen content wire rod in diameters of 8.00 mm and 12.50 mm production facility;                                               
• 0.8 -15 micron copper wire tin coating in the diameter range of  0.80 mm - 3.00 mm,                               
• Mono copper wire in the diameter range of 0.10 mm - 3.50 mm,                                           
• Tin covered mono copper wire in the diameter range of 0.10 mm - 3.00 mm,                                       
• Heat treated, multiple copper and tin coated copper wires, copper and tin coated copper twisted wires in the diameter range of  0.12 mm – 0.50 mm.                                       
At our constant casting from electrolytic aluminum ingot facility (min.%99,8 al) 9,50 mm - 12,0 mm- 15,0 mm aluminum wire and 0,30 mm - 4,60 mm diameter aluminum wire is produced.”