22 July 2024 Monday

Your work is made easier and safer
with the new “Nexans K-Series”

The new Nexans K-Series product group of Nexans with its easy strippable feature, has a unique specialty towards meeting your safety expectations while facilitating and speeding up the stripping of your cables.

Nexans K-Series cables that strips very easily and without leaving any residues save more than 50% of labor as one of their most notable features.

K-Series cables that do not contain halogen and therefore do not produce toxic gas and smoke during a fire. The cables minimize the loss of life and property or injuries in possible fires, on the other hand, they also prevent injuries that may be encountered in your daily work life while preparing the cable ends.

Another characteristic of this product group, which has unique features that make working easier and safer, is that it is also CPR compatible and comes forward for areas where people are concentrated such as hospitals, airports, shopping malls, schools, and subways.