The first coaxial cable manufacturer in Turkey,
with 40-year long-established and strong history…
Ören Kablo will continue investing in machinery, R & D and new products also in 2017


Ören Kablo, known with the identity of a cable company manufacturing the first coaxial cable in Turkey, is continuing to create difference in the sector with its products by blending its strength and experience taken from its 40-year deep-rooted past with modern production techniques. The company, which has a young and dynamic managerial staff, has also employed Serdar Baykal, who is known with his successes in the cable sector, as “commercial manager”. We had a conversation with Serdar Baykal who has been included in the team of Ören Kablo about the company and their goals.

Could you tell your opinions about your company and its activities?
Our company was founded by Dear Rıza Reçber in 1979. The General Manager of our company is Dear Melih Reçber. At the same time, I consider Mr. Melih’s electronic engineering identity as a significant advantage for Ören Kablo. I have been conducting all sales and purchasing activities with the title of Commercial Manager as of December 2016. Ören Kablo has the feature of being one of the oldest, long established cable producers in Turkish cable sector. Ören Kablo, which produces low-voltage cables, has an important position in the sector with its well-equipped production lines having all opportunities of the advanced technology, specialized staff and its structure opened to development. Ören Kablo, the first coaxial cable producer in Turkey, is manufacturing with 104 employees on an indoor area of 9000m² in Silivri, Istanbul. Furthermore, it has an organization conducting relationships with customers at 4 separate points including Izmir, Ankara and Adana, and a central sales administration in Perpa, Istanbul.

Would you give information related to your products and their technical properties?
We can list our main product groups as follows:
• Coaxial cables
• Control – command cables
• Halogen free flame retardant / fire resistant cables
• Information communication cables
• Closed circuit camera system (CCTV) cables
• Fire alarm cables
• Internal telephone cords
• BUS cables
• Special / compound cables

Ören Kablo is also producing other product groups such as coaxial, fire alarm, telephone, BUS, control – command cables under brand registration.
The coaxial cables, which have been produced with the trademark of Ören Kablo since 1979 under the identity of being the first coaxial cable producer in Turkey, are used safely and have a very important place in the sector. These cables have been used in many major projects both in Turkey and at abroad. Closed circuit camera system (CCTV) cables have been preferred for many years by our country’s leading security firms.
Control – command cables with PVC and halogen-free versions are among our main product groups. Likewise, fire-resistant cables produced under the registered trademark of Ören Kablo are used in the systems supposed to keep its function for a certain period during evacuation of smart or semi-smart buildings. These cables are undergone flame retardant test, non-spreading flame test, 3-hour horizontal flame test, mechanical impact test under flame, water spraying test under flame, smoke density test, corrosive gas test and other all electrical and physical tests; and they have the feature of keeping their function during the fire. Ören Kablo, which is also closely following the demands and developments in the world on this subject, has a significant market also at abroad in respect of fire-resistant cables. It has German VDE, TüvRheinland certifications for fire cables, and TSE and TSEK certifications for other product groups.

Would you express your targets, predictions for 2017?
Ören Kablo has different investments like equipments, machines, R&D and finally new products while giving priority to the marketing and brands that have been already planned or will be implemented in the near future. Machines and test equipments are going to be delivered to our factory between January and March in 2017. We will be able to produce Cat6A, Cat7, Cat7A and Cat8 type cables respectively once their installation is complete. We will also have increased our capacity to 1.2Gh for testing data cables thanks to our laboratory investment that will be made in February. Big steps have already been taken in this direction. However, we have some investment thoughts that are in the feasibility stage. Our policy is to increase our sales with products having higher technical values and certificates, not manufacturing product groups with less technical values just for the purpose of selling.
We will make new product investments in product groups and investments that will create a tremendous impression in the sector in 2017. In this sense, we’re completing all certifications and continuously renewing them. Our all academic, sectoral activities are continuing at full speed. We take part in regional and international events.
We began the year 2017 with a strong motivation as Ören Kablo Family. Our investments will continue for our R&D center, new product development projects, marketing activities, factory and dealership channel. Ören Kablo is very proud of our dealers which are very important for accomplishments of Ören Kablo from past to present. Ören Kablo, which is one of the long-established brands in the sector by dint of dealers’ support and confidence, reaches many points in Turkey, provides our target audience with the best product through the best service. The largest share belongs to our most valuable business partners in our successes that have been achieved and will be achieved. We’re sure to succeed better by collaborating with our dealers, employees and suppliers in this process. We’re aiming to further strengthen our deep-rooted brand by offering best products and services thanks to our knowledge and experience, strong dealership organization and the most competitive human power in our sector. We’re faithfully and proudly carrying the value received from our founder esteemed Rıza Reçber together with his principles shedding light on our way.

How do you assess the fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates? How is it reflected on your business?
The fluctuations in raw materials and exchange rates especially in second half of 2016 were particularly influential on exports and then on all sales. Continuous change of the copper causes the increase of daily-option prices, and the increase of losses between sales and collection. We can say that the foreign exchange rates are the most important matter for the exporter. The LME growth is easily accepted because of occurring in a same manner throughout the world, but it is not so easy for us to explain why our unit price changes substantially 1 week after our offer due to the status of foreign exchange against TL. Constant change of the value of TL against Euro and USD is a serious problem in terms of stability. Euro USD cross rate is also seriously influential if the use of Euro for copper payments based on USD is taken into consideration.

How was the year 2016 in terms of your sector?
2016 was a harder year compared to 2015 with respect to economic conditions of our country. It is useful to evaluate 2016 in two stages. The increase of urban transformation projects, mega projects, investments in the construction sector in the first half also kept our sector alive. However in the second half, global economic developments such as Brexit, US elections, rise in the dollar, the events in the near and middle east affected the construction sector like all sector, and therefore the cable sector.
It is a fact that our country even the entire world are undergoing a difficult period, the experiences concerning the crises suffered in the past years provide advantage for overcoming the current problems, but just a few company renewed their organizational structure, enhanced their product and market diversity, improved their production processes during the process of overcoming the crisis in 2009. Unfortunately, the number of these companies was less than the fingers of one hand. At the beginning of 2017, we face a current situation in which the companies, which operate as price-oriented and can’t implement these renewals, are obliged to leave the field.
In this sense, the most important effect created by the contraction of economic activities was the removal of relatively weak companies from the market as a result of the reduction of the market scale, and entrance of companies with higher growth potential into the area left by the weak companies. We’re aware of the fact that we’re going through an important period required to be managed well by both producers and sellers.
What kind of developments do you anticipate in domestic and foreign markets for 2017? For example, how will CPR-EN 50575 standard that has become mandatory across EU market as of 2017 affect the exports made to this market?
I fully believe that 2017 will be a year that will bring positive results for every company, which does its business correctly, produces high-quality and right cables in compliance with standards, and acts ethically and consciously with respect to sales and marketing. Actually, we will see that those, who acted contrary to the hierarchical order in our sector if we go back just 3-5 years, were today’s producers. The mistakes made for many years on both production and sales have finally wounded and damaged the manufacturers themselves. There’s an important year ahead of us in which we must lay our all past experiences on the table and make decisions in this direction… Today, our most important capital is our experience. As a producer that performs its business correctly, I see very positive the condition for exporting to EU countries by setting the criteria after underlining the standards related to the production of materials used within scope of the regulations, making decisions in this regard and producing within these principles. The clarification of this kind of standards with regulations is always useful for us as well as our sector and ultimately our country’s brand value.

What you want to add…
We aimed at raising our brand also in this period in which we’re in a renewal process as Ören Kablo; with the courage and confidence that we have received from our reputable history dating back to 40 years; by dint of our visionary open-minded administration and our young, dynamic managerial staff open to development and our structure renovated under the leadership of our Dear General Manager Melih Reçber. In this sense, I would like thank you as Kablosan magazine on behalf of my teammates for allowing us to share our goals with our sector.