Seval Kablo

The goal at Seval Cable is to
reinforce our number one ranking on a worldwide scale



Seval Cable Management Board Member and Export Manager Ersin Turgut stated that they exported 75 per cent of the cables they produced and he emphasized they aimed to sustain this success in 2015 and afterwards, as well.

How was Seval Cable founded? How did it develop?
Foundations of our company were set by Seval Cable’s present Management Board Chairman, Hasan Ali Turgut in 1974 with Çağdaş Elecktric for long years, Çağdaş Electric has successfully carried out sales activities for electrical materials and cables in Izmir and the Aegean Region, and it has become a renowned company in Turkey. In 1980, Seval Kablo started production in a 300 square-meter area in Denizli and today, it is one of the biggest and most modern facilities in Turkey. Seval Cable now has an experienced staff consisting of 500 persons, working in 6 factories with a total area of 70,000 square meters, 50,000 of which is indoors. 30,000 tones copper and 40,000 tones granule can be processed annually in these factories. Seval Cable carries out its production activities in conformity with to TSE - HAR - BASEC - SII - VDE - KEMA - GOST - TUV  standards, IS0 9001 - 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems, CE directive and RoHS.
Seval Cable exports 75 percent of its products whereas it sells 25 percent of those in domestic market. In order to respond fast to market dynamics and customer requests, sales in domestic market are carried out through Çağdaş Cable, which is affiliated to us.
With an experienced staff consisting of 85 specialists working in our İzmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa branches (stocked) and our Denizli logistics center, Seval Cable works hard to offer best service to our business partners and our customers.
The human factor is the key factor for the stability of the company. Our company has always prioritized investments on qualified staff. Members of Seval Cable staff are not only our employees but also a member of the Seval Cable family.

What are the recent investments of Seval Cable? When do you intend to put these investments into effect?
Ever since it was founded, Seval Cable keeps making investments. With its latest investment, which is a copper and aluminum conductive medium-tension cable up to 66kV, Seval Cable completed a significant missing in its product portfolio in the first quarter of 2015. Increasing the capacity of Copper Processing Facility has also been included in the latest investments; copper processing capacity has increased up to 3000 tons from 2000 tons. Together with our investment in halogen free production facility, we are planning to include several new products to Seval Cable’s product portfolio, thanks to our modern quality control laboratories operated by the best team in Turkey and thanks to the studies of the engineers in R&D center. Besides these, we have increased our production capacity 35% with our recent production lines. We have new machines that are still at installation stage, and we will continue making investments in 2016 as well.

What are your objectives for 2016 and the following years?
As a company with strategic management policy, we aimed to become the first in exportation in our 35th year (2015) in the market, and we achieved this already in 2014. We are aware that, “If you don’t improve, you lose.” So we have defined significant objectives for our 40th year. Our objective is to possess Turkey’s biggest factory in the cable sector. This is not only related to turnover, but also participation in strategic and prominent works. We will carry out necessary works to achieve these objectives in the following period. We think we have completed 50% of our cumulative objectives so far. We will improve our R&D and quality management studies. We still have several objectives to achieve. We have a great role in public projects. We also would like to be at higher positions in the private sector. In parallel to that, we are carrying out private sector projects in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara. Our works not only focus on the real estate market; we also want to take part more in industrial projects. We produce strategic products and we give guarantee for our products. We are telling people the benefits of using our cables in all industrial works. Our future plans include continuous development in industrial market just as the real estate market and finding a position in the heart of the industrial market.

What do you think are the most serious problems of your sector and which solutions would you offer?
Turkish cable market has a share around 5 billion dollars in global cable market. In our country, there are 400 producer companies in various sizes. Cables produced by these companies are energy, communication and special design cables. All these are exclusively bound to TSE as a standard. Cables are produced and put into market with or without TSE Certificates. Today, Turkish market ranks tenth in the global cable market. Most of the cables produced in Turkey are exported to the Middle Eastern and European countries. The current amount of exportation of products with high added value is not at a desirable level in Turkey.
High investment and operating costs, use of a valuable and multivariate metal as a raw material, inability of grand facilities to make profit and foresee the future of the market can be listed among the main problems of the sector. The price issue always comes first in this sector. Current state of the competitive market is mostly due to the facts that; the supply in the market is more than demand, companies are incurring commercial and capital losses, and the structure of the market requires sales activities.
To sum up, the most serious issues of our sector are; unprofitability, insufficient cable production, poor quality and unfair competition. Today, survival is more difficult than ever for brands in domestic and foreign markets that are influenced by internal and external environmental conditions. Consumers now expect that, the brands they are loyal to always focus on their needs and expectations. As we are offering products related to human beings and human life, we shall serve as best as we can. We believe we are able to fulfill our responsibilities with regards to that. In order to cope with the aforementioned problems, we have taken certain measures.

What are your objectives for 2016?
Despite the political confusions, crises and uncertainties in raw material prices in the world, we aim to increase our share in domestic and global market with our high quality products and investments in 2016.
Since its foundation, Seval Cable has defined its vision to be an innovative forward-thinking company that cares for quality, customer satisfaction, mankind and environment; that seeks fair competition with an honest and principled commercial policy to ever improve itself and become a global brand. Its motto is; “We produce for the world.”
According to 2014 data; Seval Cable ranked the first in Turkish cable market, 118th among all exporter companies in Turkey and the 233rd among the top 500 Industrial Enterprises in Turkey. The power of our company comes from many other factors as well as its high quality products, good factory practices and capacity.   

Your motto, “We produce for the world.” is significant. Which countries are you exporting to; are there any new markets you are aiming for?
Seval Cable exports 75% of its products to more than 70 countries in the world. European countries make up the 50% of our exportation. European markets are not easy to reach at, and competition is fierce in these countries. The number of countries we are exporting to increases every year thanks to our quality certificates, consistent sales policy, product quality values, customer satisfaction; and our market share increases among existing customers. This year, we aim to reinforce our dominance in the market by including the Balkan states and African countries particularly, and without compromising on quality.