Member of the board of directors and export manager of Seval Cable, Mr. Ersin Turgut:
“We plan to use 20 % of our export
volume in new, potential markets”


Member of the Board of Directors and export manager of Seval Cable, Mr. Ersin Turgut who stated that they export 75 % of the cables that they produce  added that they export huge volumes of cables to the North European, African and USA markets, followed by Middle Eastern and North African markets. Mr. Turgut who stated that their activities aiming at diversifying their markets is continuing emphasized that they plan to use 20% of their export volume in the new potential markets. Mr. Turgut answered our questions:  

Could you please introduce Seval Cable to us with your own words?
The foundations of our company have been laid by the foundation of the company Cagdas Elektrik in Izmir in the year 1974 by Mr. Hasan Ali Turgut  who is currently the chairman of the board of directors of Seval Cable. Seval Cable has successfully realized the sales of electrical material and cables in Izmir and Aegean regions and has thus become a well-known company all over Turkey. Seval Cable launched production activities at an area of 300 m² in Denizli in the year 1980 and today it has become one of the most modern and large cable production facilities of Turkey. Our company has reached a capacity to process 42,000 tons of copper and 60,000 tons of granules in its six integrated production plants which has a closed area of 50,000 m² and a total area of 70.000 m2. We have realized this achievement thanks to the efforts of our experienced production staff of 500 employees. Seval Cable produces its products in accordance with TSE_HMR-BASEC-SII-VDE-KEMA-NF-GOST-TUV standards, ISO-9001-14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems, CE directives and RoHSa. While 75% of the production volume is exported to foreign markets 25 % is sold to the domestic market. Our sales to the domestic market are organized by the company Cagdas Electric which is a subsidiary of our company in order to meet the dynamics of the market and the demands of the customers.
We as the family of Seval Cable continue our efforts in order to provide the best service to our customers and our solution partners who prefer to work with useful, together with our experienced team of 85 specialists who are specialized in their relative branches and have market experience as well as Izmir-Ankara-Istanbul branches (working with stock) and logistical center of Denizli.

It is the human factor which keeps a company alive. Our company has always shown great concern for recruiting highly qualified staff. As Seval Cable the members of our staff are not only our employee but a member of Seval Cable family.
You have managed to be among the first hundred companies according to the results of the survey on the biggest 1000 exporters of Turkey. How do you evaluate this achievement of Seval Cable?
When we have a look at the recent years we can not say that this success has been a surprise for us. We have begun to reap the fruits of the investments that we had made for long years. We see that we had cosolidated our position in the sector even more firmly this year. We are very happy both in our own name and in the name of extending support to our state since we have developed ourselves and increased our export volume during a period during which the exports followed a fluctuating trend.

Does the year 2016 proceed  in line with your expectations? What are your targets of production and export for this year?
Every year we realize a serious growth in comparison to the previous year. We have achieved a significant progress in  financial terms as well as in terms of  customer portfolio. We have taken a serious distance in numerous markets thanks to our machinery park and our  research and development  and innovation investments as well as the quality certificates to which we add new ones within the course of time. The year  2016 is continuing just as we had predicted. Besides the markets have shrunk in our sector just in many other sectors. However  we continue to maintain our place in the sector as a result of the strategic measures that we have taken at the beginning of the year and we expect that the markets shall build up in the near future.
To which regions and countries does Seval Cable effectively export its products? What is your strategy about the diversification of the export markets? What are your export markets and  the expected volume of your exports to those markets?
We generally work with all countries. We export big amounts of products to the North European, African and USA markets. Brand awareness is increasing in these countries and we are in the position of the preferred brand in these markets. These markets are followed by the Middle- eastern and North African markets. We choose countries with different structural properties and reduce the  risks for the purpose of diversifying the target markets We determine the target markets by taking into consideration all the political, economic and cultural characteristics of the relevant countries. One of the most important factors for us is the environment of competition in the market. We conduct a good analysis of conditions of competition in the target market with our experienced personnel. For this purpose we use various methods like obtaining information from the commercial attaches participating in the trade fairs etc. We determine the volume of exports according to the structure and needs of the countries. Generally we plan to use 20% of our export in new, potential markets.

What is the share of research and development activities and innovation in the growth of your company?  
Research and development activities which have a place in all the stages of our lives are directly related to the human life. Research and development department is in deed an expensive department and the number of that department is few in our country. Our research and development department and machinery park are equipped with the state of the art technological machinery today. As Seval Cable we allocate an average amount of $500,000 for research and development activities.
We may say that the new cable types and the certification process are the problems that we encounter frequently while entering a new market. Design, quality control and research and development departments assume the great part of the work load for tackling these problems.
Since the date of its foundation Seval Cable has adopted the principal of producing good quality products and have become successful in all the markets that it had tried to enter. In contrast to meeting the demand of the domestic market, Seval Cable has not met very much difficulties in the export markets in which the product quality, quality certificates and the quality of services come to the fore and have always ranked at the top of the preference of the customers.

We have the most modern and wide quality control laboratory in our country. Cuurently Seval Cable employes experienced engineers from all areas. Each of the products, small or big, are produced and controlled in accordance with the quality certificates.

Finally,  how does Seval Cable position itself in the global arena in terms of short and middle term predictions? For example which are your targets for the year 2023?   
Seval Cable always plans investments and makes future-oriented plans. For example, while we had an export volume in the amount of 20 million USD five years ago we have reached an export volume of 142 million USD today.  We envisage a growth at the rate of 700 % within five years. We always want to increase our activities at the global arena.
Our expectations from the year 2023 is to go beyond our present level. We also vehemently look forward to the year 2023 just as other companies at the global arena. But we move ahead in our path under the slogan “The one who fails to develope looses”. We expect to achieve a level of growth through  which we can make more contributions both to ourselves and our country up to the year 2023.