continues adding positive values to the Turkish wire industry with the product coded PANFLUX 5600 for which R&D 
studies have been completed 


General Manager of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS Turkey, Mr. Hakan Tanis who underlined that they have increased their market share in Turkey despite the fact that they have entered this market only a short time ago, namely 4 years, added that they have many more things to do for the Turkish wire industry. Mr. Tanis answered our questions.  

Could you please introduce your self and your company to us?
We, as PAN CHEMICALS, are one of the leading companies worldwide producing Wire Drawing Lubricants (Dry and Wet) (Calcium, Sodium, Calcium / Sodium Mixture), Coating Chemicals, Fluxes, Waxes and Various Auxiliary Chemicals for Wire Drawing Processes as well as a worldwide supplier of Wire Drawing Dies (TC, PCD, RND [PAN CHEMICALS – SPECIAL DIE], Pressure Dies), Wiping Pads and Spiral Brushes. Along with our factory and headquarters in Italy we have offices in two different countries, one of them being in Istanbul. We are engaged in distributorship activities in 10 different countries and have representation units in 20 countries. We supply our products to more than 80 countries through this organizational structure. Furthermore our company is one of the distinguished companies certified with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. I serve as the manager of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. for Turkey as required by my job description. I manage the workflow between PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY and the companies in Turkey with which we cooperate.

Could you please introduce us your organizational structure in Turkey? What kind of developments did you experience since the time you have entered the Turkish market. Could you please explain us?

The company PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS which I manage serve as the office of the company PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY in Turkey as I have said while answering your previous question. We have established PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS in the year 2014 for the purpose of serving the Turkish wire companies and Turkish wire industrialists better and more rapidly. We may say that within the period of 4 years that has elapsed since then we have increased our market share in Turkey along with our short-term strategic goals. Based on increasing our market share we dynamically strive to achieve our middle and long-term goals.

Could you please tell us about the plans and strategies of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A ITALY at the global scale and their reflections in Turkey? 
As PAN CHEMICALS ITALY we have celebrated our 30th Anniversary last year. We as PAN CHEMICALS family regard the period of time that has elapsed since then as noteworthy in terms of the chemical industry in which numerous variable factors play a role. Since the date of its foundation our company has adopted the principle of having only one supplier in every country and consequently in Turkey. In line with that principle our plans are permanently updated and renewed depending on the conditions specific to each country and similar factors. When looked from the same perspective we may say that our company has got a significant place among the companies of the chemical sector at the global scale. All these factors that we have mentioned have of course positive repercussions on PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS. When we have a look at the Turkish wire industry from the perspective of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS we see that we have still a lot of things to do and we may say that we are progressing with all our power in order to attain all our goals on time without deviating from our principles as well as from the path designated by PAN CHEMICALS for us at the global scale.    

I want to ask this question because you are operating in the chemical sector. What kind of a logistics service do you provide for the distribution of your products? 
I must first of all state that almost all our products consists of non-flammable and non-explosive chemical substances. For that reason we do not have any difficulties regarding the logistics of our products both at the international and domestic level. However when we have a look at the market we may say that we are the company which can offer the shortest delivery period for the products ordered by the companies with which we work together.    
Especially when we make middle and short-term contracts with the Turkish companies with which we work together we deliver our products on a “just in time” basis. We may say that we are quite pretentious regarding the speedy delivery of our products both from PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY and PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS. 

Do you export your products to other countries over Turkey?
Our planning, project and feasibility studies are continuing in this regard. We may announce through your magazine that we will share the new developments both with the Turkish industrialists and public and with all the world when we obtain positive results about this matter. 

You said that PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS is the affiliate of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A in Turkey. In other words could we say that PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS is the distributor of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. in Turkey. One more question: Do you intend to take over new distributorships and representations in the upcoming period. If yes, at which stage are you in this regard? Could you share this with us? 
As you have stated, we may say that PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS is the distributor of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. in Turkey. Regarding the second part of your question, I may say that we are of course negotiating with prominent global companies with a view to take over new distributorships and representations. We look forward to some extra developments in this regard in the near future. As you will also appreciate this kind of negotiations for distributorships and representations may be long-termed since they may involve the discussion of many issues in detail under the scope of definite strategies and plans. However I may announce here that we will share with you, esteemed members of the press, any new development as contracts are signed regarding this business.  

Let’s now talk about your R&D activities. We know that you are a company which attaches great importance to R&D and would like to ask you if you have any technological developments in place? Could we expect new R&D breakthroughs and technological developments from PAN CHEMICALS in the upcoming period?  
As PAN CHEMICALS family we are aware that science is always superior to all the sectors. For that reason, as you have said, we are one of the companies in our sector with the highest amount of investments in R&D. Every year, we allocate a significant amount of revenues for R&D investments in line with our budget plans, taking into consideration the needs of our customers and the global sector.
The latest product that we have developed may be summarized as follows: We have developed a special flux. This product makes it possible for our customers to make an addition to the already operating galvanization flux bathes without any need to stop their flux bathes and lines. We may say that we have reaped the fruits of our R&D activities carried out for this purpose both at the global scale and in the Turkish market. We must further state that thanks to this special flux that we have produced, the costs of the companies will be reduced. Along with the removal of the necessity to heat the bath a surplus value will be added to the national economy as a national wealth. It must further be stated that this product provides a noteworthy saving in energy consumption. In addition to this R&D product will also have conduct some special studies. Please be informed that we will provide information to you and Turkish industrialists as soon as the relevant trials have been completed and new products have been included in our product portfolio.       

What are your goals for the year 2018? What should the companies which corporate with you expect from your company within this year? 
We have set our goals for the year 2018 at the last period of 2017 in line with our strategic plans. Our goals, stable operations and the research and development studies proceed together. It goes without saying that we as well as raw material suppliers including all the inputs of the production sector may be affected by some extreme situations in the upcoming periods as we were affected in the past. We believe that every company must have a B, C and D plan against such special situations that may arise. We think that we can confront an unanticipated situation that may emerge in this way. As long as the companies with which we work together feel the wind of PAN CHEMICALS behind them in line with their own plans we can declare that we are side by side with our corporation partners. We would like to underline that we are always available to serve the Turkish industry regarding the Improvement of production, raising the quality of the products produced and the development of the Turkish economy.