We talked with Mr. Hakan Tanis, general director of PAN CHEMICALS Turkey  which is one of the leading companies of the world in it sector and, besides producing various products, also provides various engineering and consulting services to the world wire industry about their company, products and projects.

Could you please give us some information about your company, products and your duty in the company? Could you also inform us about your mission for the Turkish Market? 
As PAN CHEMICALS Italy S.p.A we are one of the leading companies of the world which produces wire drawing lubricants for wire drawing processes, coating chemicals, fluxes, waxes and various auxiliary chemicals,  
supplies wire drawing mills (TC, PCD, RND [PAN CHEMICALS SPECIALROLL]), WipingPads and Spiral Brushes  as well as provides various engineering and consulting services for the world wire industry.  Our company is one of the distinguished companies that has been certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 quality certificates. We have offices in 2 different countries in the world  one of which is our factory headquarters in Italy and the other is our office in Istanbul/ Turkey under the name of PAN CHEMICALS Turkey. We are engaged in distributorship activities in 10 different countries. In this way we are able to supply our products to more than 80 countries. I serve as the manager of the office of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A ITALY in Turkey and my duty is to manage the whole workflow between PAN CHEMICALS S.p.a ITALY and the wire drawing companies with which we cooperate in Turkey. Our mission is to meet all the demands and needs of all companies with which we cooperate  completely and add value to these companies both by our product quality, competitive prices and after sale technical support services.

Could you please share with us the services that you provide to the iron - steel (wire drawing) sector?  
Iron steel industry is of course a very wide sector. We provide service both in Turkey and all over the world with the delivery of all our soaps and chemical substances that we produce which are used in wire bar  and wire drawing processes. Our products are high-quality products as a result of long R&D studies and are produced  specially and meticulously for each phase of the processes mentioned above. 
Besides, as I have mentioned in the answer to your first question we also provide both engineering and consultancy services under the scope of various subjects. If we look at the facts at the global scale these services provided by us are  permanent and sustainable in their entirety. 

Could you please share with us your expectations from 2018 Wire Dusselldorf Fair? We know that you are a participant in the fair. In which stands will the visiting companies find you? Furthermore are there any other fairs that you follow both as a participant and a visitor all over the world? 
We may say that the Wire Dusseldorf Fair which is held once every two years is the only fair in the world which is followed by all the world in the sector. We think that this fair directs the world wire industry both from point of view of the participants and visitors. For that reason we are aware of the importance of this fair for us. We prepare our strategic planning program before the fair at the global scale in order to obtain positive and sustainable feedback. In this context we would be honored to host all our visitors in the wire fair that will be held in Dusseldorf between 16 to 20 April at our stand no. B05 in Hall no 9. As far as the second part of your question is concerned I may stay say that we absolutely participate in the following fairs either as participants or visitors; Shangai/ China wire fair which addresses huge number of participants and establishes a link between the producers in South and Southeast Asia, wire fair in Mumbai/ India which is rather supported by wire companies in India, wire fair  held in Bangkok/ Thailand, the Brasilian wire fair  held in Sao Paulo/Brasilia in which the heart of almost all the Latin World beats, Interwire Fair held in Atlanta/ United States of America, wire fair fair in Russia/ Moscow which brings together North Eastern Asian countries in general and finally wire  fair in Istanbul Turkey which is held once every two years despite being a relatively new fair. Besides the above mentioned fairs we also participate in various industrial fairs held in various locations all over the world including İstanbul permanently. We may say that we expand our network and have access to very different companies thanks to these fairs. For this reason I may say that we follow up almost all important industrial fairs held all over the world. 

Technology and Innovation is indispensable for  production with more added value . . . Could you please share with us your strategy and activities in this regard? 
We adopt and implement our technology which is equipped with innovation and research and development studies and based permanently on science since the date of our foundation in line with the demands and requests of the companies with which we cooperate or will cooperate in the future. We unite our know-how with our products and produce industrial lubricants, chemical wax and fluxes which are the product of high-technology. We are aware of the fact that research and development and innovation has a dynamic character depending on the age we live in and  for that reason we have a vision aiming at realizing achievements that would increase our  added value even more through research, development and innovation. We aim at being the single supplier at the global scale without deviating from our vision and mission and make our best efforts to achieve this goal. We believe that we add positive values to the companies with which we corporate with our ideas for improvement. 

Could you please share with us your impressions and evaluations for the first quarter of the Year 2013?
I may say that the year 2018 has passed quiet dynamically in comparison to 2017 as far as our company is concerned. I may say that our short-term plans covering the first and second quarters of the year 2018 is improving with acceleration in line with our goals. We may of course say that this achievement has been activated thanks to the positive winds provided by our activities during the five years since the date of the foundation of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS.  We made clear that we have brought PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS to a certain level of development with the support of our business partners and you, the valuable members of the press thanks to our vision, mission and the basic principle of “just in time”.

What are your expectations from the third and fourth quarters of the year 2018? How will be the closing plan for the year in terms of keeping up with your goals? Could you please share with us? 
I may say that we will enter the third and fourth quarters of the year 2018 without easing down in line with another short-term target of our company. I may say that we aim at occupying a more well-established place in the industry both with our research and development studies and our new products that we plan to introduce to the Turkish market. From the point of view of achieving our projects we plan to close this year at the level we aim at in line with some of our projects and strategic plans. I may share the information that we will make our best efforts to achieve this end and take all actions needed to enhance the economic situation in the Turkish Wire industry.

I want to ask this question to you because you are an Italian  company; let's now talk about the developing relations between Rome and Ankara. How are the relations between the two countries proceeding and the will proceeds according to you? 
Based on the  sources of the Commercial Consultancy in Rome we may say that warm relationships between the two countries are obvious for everybody. The volume of foreign trade between the two countries has almost reached 20 billion Euros in the year 2017.

Chemical (raw material) industry, machinery industry, automotive industry, defense industry and food stuff industry are the most important sectors that have contributed to achieving that volume. At the same time the contribution made by Turkey to the foreign trade balance of Italy in the amount of more than 2.4 billion euros shows that Italy is the third biggest commercial partner of Turkey in terms of countries. Taking into consideration all the foregoing factors it is predicted that the relationships between Turkey and Italy will strengthen increasingly in the near and long future . We as PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A ITALY and PAN CHEMICALS BOSPRHORUS aim at playing important roles in the development of the both countries by exercising a greater direct influence on the growth and expansion of the commercial volume between the two countries. 

Would you like to make any additions to your statements up to now? 
I would like to invite you, all your readers and all wire industrialists in Turkey to our stand no. B25 in hall no. 9 in the wire fair that will take place on April 16-20 2018 in Dusseldorf/ Germany. Our technical staff will be at the disposal of the companies with which we corporate/will cooperate in order to handle their demands and requests. We wish a good fare for all participating companies and visitors in advance.