Niğtaş Mikronize

Niğtaş, an exporter of industrial calcite to the world, has become a record breaking taxpayer

Niğtaş and Mikrodal, a group company that has succeeded in bringing the high quality of industrial calcite to the international market and added value to the Turkish economy through export, is among top three record breaking taxpayers of Niğde. In the special ceremony organized by the Niğde Revenue Office this year for the 27th time, where the top 10 record holders of Niğde are presented with awards, the Niğtaş and Mikrokal companies were among the companies that paid the most income tax this year. Niğtaş Mikronize Calcite Industry General Manager Sakin Aruk received his award from Niğde Treasurer Cabir Döner, and Mikrokal Calcite Industry General Manager Hamdi Aruk was presented his award by Niğde University Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Görür.

We will continue to grow by extracting the world’s best quality calcite
Niğtaş Mikronize Calcite General Manager Sakin Aruk, who pointed out that 40 percent of the world’s calcite reserves are in Turkey, made the following observations: “The calcite we provide to the industry in Niğde has the unique feature of being the world’s whitest, purest crystallized calcite. We have resealed the pride we have for successfully representing industrial calcite in 60 different countries with this record breaking taxpayer award. Since the day of our establishment our priority goal has been to create added value for our country so we see this award as a symbol of our success. This type of recognition motivates us industrialists to strive for even more important achievements. I firmly believe that we will increase our export to grow even more in the years ahead of us.”