Niğdelioğlu Metal is growing with consistent and confident steps

Niğdelioğlu Metal has founded in 2006 its plant with a covered area of 5.000 m2 on its own plot of 9.000 m2 in Kocaeli / Gebze Güzeller Organized Industry Zone and started with the production of mono copper wires, multi wire twisted cable cores from electrolytic copper wire rods it procured from the market.
Our company, which continuously tracks the developing technologies in order to develop itself, has made a further step towards becoming an integrated plant by establishing the Outokumpu continuous casting facility manufactured by the Finnish company Upcast in June 2008 and starting with the production of 8 and 12.5 mm oxygen free wire rods out of Grade A cathode copper.     
After the completion of our copper wire facility, we have started in 2013 with feasibility works regarding the production of aluminium wire rods and aluminium wires. The assembly and the trial production of the machines we ordered in the mid of 2014 lasted until April 2015. As of April 2015, we started with the serial production.
As Niğdelioğlu Metal, we have already initiated the feasibility works for the production of alloy aluminium (5000 and 8000 series) in the upcoming years in order to become an integrated plant in the metal sector.            
Our product range at the point we achieved is briefly indicated below                                Copper wire rod containing max. 5 ppm oxygen at diameters of 8.00 mm and 12.5 mm made of Grade A cathode copper,            
0.8 – 15 microns copper wire tin coating between 0.80 mm – 3.00 mm
Mono copper wire between 0,10 mm - 3,50 mm,    
Tin coated mono copper wire between 0,10 mm - 3,00 mm     
Annealed, multiple copper and tin coated copper wires, copper and tin coated copper twisted wires between 0,12 mm - 0,50 mm     
9,50 mm - 12,0 mm- 15,0 mm aluminium wire rods made of electrolytic aluminium ingot (min.%99,8 al)    
Aluminium wires with a diameter of 1,30 mm - 4,60 mm             
Beside these are copper and aluminium up to a cross section of 35 mm2 added to our product range at our twisting line we have established.    
We are the supplier of the cable sector
The sector we are serving for is mainly the cable sector. We are the supplier of copper and aluminium cable cores in the cable sector. Beside this are we providing services to the iron and steel sector as deoxidants, for metalization works in the packaging sector with regards to aluminium since the chemical and physical features are the same, and providing copper and aluminium in order to be used at the production of flat and round bobbin wires.

Narrowing markets are further triggering the competition
Unfortunately, our country and our region are passing through a bad period. We hope that these bad times will end as soon as possible. All these negativities resulted also at our company in discontent, as it is the case in the market, and caused us to make our sales and post-sales risk analysis more careful. Looking at the first half of 2017, the narrowing domestic and abroad markets has further triggered the existing competition and quite beclouded the sales conditions for us, the sellers.     In this case, it can be that low prices take the precedence over quality in the markets. Our goal for 2017 is to maintain our existing market share and to increase our customer portfolio as much as possible, to act cautious and to continue on our path by adding to our product and customer portfolio.