Nigdelioglu Metal

Nigdelioglu Metal is moving ahead with confident steps in its sector. The company which has also managed to enter into the list of the second largest 500 companies of Turkey in the year 2015 as has been announced by the Chamber of Industry of Istanbul has already started its feasibility studies for the production of aluminium alloy. We talked with the general manager of Nigdelioglu Metal, Mr. Bekir Nigdelioglu about their company and the sector:

Could you introduce your company to us? Could you also give some details about your fields of business?
From the month of March of the year 2007 we have started the production of copper and tinplated copper mono and twisted wire.  Our production plant has become an integrated plant for the production of copper wire in the month of July of the year 2008 after having completed the investment for the production of 8 mm oxygen free copper wire rod in the month of June of the year 2007. Following the completion of the construction of our copper wire production plant we have started the feasibility studies for the production of aluminium wire and aluminium wire rod. beginning from the year 2013.  The installation works and trial production of the machinery for which we had given an order in the middle of the year 2014 has continued until the month of April of the year 2015. We have started serial production beginning from the month of April 2015. As Nigdelioglu Metal we have already started feasibility studies for the production of aluminium alloy (5000 and 8000 series) in the upcoming years in line with our target to become an integrated production plant in the metal sector.

What are your products? Could you list them item by item?
The products included in our current product portfolio are listed below:
• Copper wire rod made of A grade cathode copper with diameters of 8,00 and 12,50 mm     
• 0,80 to 3,00 mm: 0,8 – 15 micron copper wire tinplate   
• 0,10 mm to 3,50 mm: mono copper wire,  
• 0,10 mm to  3,00 mm: tinplated mono copper wire,  
• 0,12 mm to 0,50 mm: tempered multiple copper and tinplated copper wires,  
• Copper and tin plated copper twisted wires   

Aluminium wire rod  with diameter of 9,50 mm - 12,0 mm- 15,0 mm obtained from electrolytic aluminium bullion (min. 99.8 %); aluminium wire with a diameter of 1,30 mm – 4,60 mm. Besides copper and aluminium with a section of up to 35 mm2 shall be added to our product portfolio by our twisting line, of which installation is continuing, in the second half of the month of September.     
Our investments aiming at expanding our product range shall continue in line with the needs of the sector and the conditions of the sector.  

What is your evaluation about the year 2016?
Our country and region are unfortunately passing through bad days. We hope that that these bad days shall be overcome as soon as possible. All these negative conditions have led to serious unrest not only for our company but in all the markets and induced us to perform the analysis of the risks in the sale and after-sale periods more cautiously. Despite everything there has been no deviation in our projects for the year 2016 and we expect that our sale figures for the last quarter of the year 2016 are going to coincide with our expectations.

Could you please share your expectations for the next year with us?
When we have a look forward to the year 2017 from today we see a year full of uncertainties for which every kind of scenarios can be produced. When we look at the facts from an optimistic perspective, we see that positive developments taking place in our bilateral relations with our neighbours and other countries and the end of war and chaos situation in Syria and Iraq and the ensuing reconstructing process shall create new opportunities and rich markets for all sectors. We think that it is our right to hope that our country which has suffered all the distresses of the war and turmoil environment shall make use of this second optimistic scenario and enter into initiatives in line with that goal.