Mr. Erkan Aydoğdu, CEO of Prysmian Group Turkey conducting Turkey operations of Prysmian Group, the industry leader of energy and telecommunication cables, was elected  as the new president of Cable and Insulated Conductor Industrialists’ Association.  Cable and Insulated Conductor Industrialists’ Association established with 14 companies in 2000, has been active in development of insulated conductor and cable industry as to production, transmission, distribution and transformation of electricity energy in Turkey as well as growth and maintenance thereof in a contemporary level. The association, representing the leading companies of cable industry, is active in bringing solutions to the problems of industry and producers, increasing investments and exports in our country, growth of the sector, preventing unfair competition in addition to dissemination of quality consciousness and control.
 "We will strive to raise the level of quality and knowledge of our industry"
Mr. Erkan Aydoğdu, CEO of Prysmian Group Turkey, took over the office from Mr. Mehmet Kavaklıoğlu in the new period. Mr. Aydoğdu, said the following as regards his new responsibility:”We, as the Cable and Insulated Conductor Industrialists’ Association, will continue our works which I think are very important for the future of our industry and which have been carried out in the past period, aimed at the development of quality awareness by increasing foregoing in this period. I assume we will perform significant works on behalf of our industry in the new era together with my friends in the Board of Directors. We aim to carry our experience to our entire industry under the roof of our association. We shall strive to raise the quality and level of knowledge of our industry by the projects we have implemented. "
Local and international experience
Mr. Erkan Aydoğdu, having been a member of the Prysmian family in 1997 and begun working in as Production Planning Department has substantial experience in both local and international sector.  Mr. Aydoğdu went to Italy as Process Kaizen Engineer in 2000 and worked as a leader of the continuous improvement team between 2001 and 2002 in various factories of the company. Mr. Aydoğdu assumed the duty of Chief and Logistics Manager and became the Director of the R & D and Logistics departments in 2010 subsequent to his return to Turkey in 2003. Mr. Aydoğdu, continuing to serve as CEO of Prysmian Group Turkey and as Vice Chairman of the Board Since January 2015, is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University.