Leoni Cable Turkey shall direct the operations of the cable factories of the automotive group of Leoni AG all over the world from Turkey

Mr. Sukru Eldem, Head of the automotive group of Leoni AG and the
General Manager of Leoni Cable Turkey

Leoni Turkey which carries out its activities in Bursa free zone and exports 90 % of its production is in the process of diversifying its manufacturing activities directed at the automotive and durable household goods. Mr. Sukru Eldem, Head of the automotive group of Leoni AG and the General Manager of Leoni Cable Turkey said that  Leoni Cable Turkey was authorized to direct the operations of the cable producing factories of Leoni AG all over the world beginning from the year 2016  and underlined that they were proud of this assignment. He further said that they would attain the targets of Leoni AG- Automotive Group under the leadership of Leoni Turkey to which the operations of the automotive group was subordinated.
Mr. Erdem who further emphasized that they have been focused on diversifying their customer portfolio in the developing markets in the year 2016 stated that they had the automotive group of Leoni AG accept Turkey as a production base for the production of automotive cables and consequently obtained a significant share in the market through an effective supply chain in such countries as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, India, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia and brought in foreign currency in the amount of more than 100 million Euro. Mr. Erdem who further said that they export their products to 15 countries and the rate of the exports in their total production volume reached 90 % made the following evaluations: “The importance of our company has increased even more and the possibility has arisen to make use  of the new state incentives as a result of the announcement of Leoni Turkey as the production base. Following the business volume and turnover attained in the automotive sector we, as Leoni Turkey, has focused on new business branches under the slogan “solution provider supplier” which is one of the new strategies of Leoni AG. We plan turning towards  different business branches in order to meet the different needs of our customers. Besides we are also proud of being a reliable supplier in the  American and Chinese markets thanks to our investments in China, Mexica and particularly Europe.

“The production of various goods may be shifted from Germany to Turkey in the coming years”
Mr. Erdem who stated that as Leoni Turkey they are engaged in the sale and marketing of the cables, which are produced by Leoni AG for the petrochemical and energy sectors, to the Middle-east region pointed out that the production of various goods may be shifted  from Germany to Turkey in the coming years. Mr. Erdem who further stated that Leoni is also engaged in the production of tailor-made cables for petro-chemisty and renewable energy sectors added that they had taken part in various projects in such markets as Iraq, Syria  and Iran with the production of cables for  wind tribunes, oil refineries and signalization cables of pipe-lines and the cables resistant to heat and all kinds of natural conditions. Mr. Erdem who stated that they meet the needs of the defense industry with special cable products used in sub-marines, antitanks and aircraft  added that they would diversify their production for non automotive sectors through  the production of special cables used in airports and railroads.

The company which had produced the first automotive cable in the world
Leoni AG has been founded as a result of the settlement of a family which had emigrated from the city of Lion in France, in Nurnberg in the year 1917. The company is the first company in the world which had produced automotive cables in the 1930’s. In the present day, this global automotive side industry company based in Nurnberg continues its production activities under the groups of cables for automotive and durable household goods as well as all kinds of  tailor-made cables and the related  electrical – electronic systems.
BG AM is the leader of Europe in this sector
BG AM, the production unit for automotive cables which is the largest business group of the strategical business branch of the wire and cable systems of Leoni AG has a leading position in this sector in Europe with its 15 locations all over the World, 3 thousand employees and  a turnover of approximately 1,0 billion Euros. Our group which leads the sector in technological terms  by means of its innovative efforts and research activities in all kinds of  automotive cables makes inventions for reducing the gas emissions from the vehicles together with the leading automobile producers and puts new products in the marketing every year. Among those products the specially alloyed cables, cables with aluminium conductors, cables with thinned insulation (which makes it possible to reduce the weight of cable harness by 7 %), cables with tightened conductors etc. are the leading ones.   
Besides these developments, the importance of the rapidly charged cables which has a cooling system specially developed by Leoni research and development group has increased and  have a leading position in the market along with the increase of the production of the electrical vehicles and their being preferred by the end users because of the state incentives.

The supplier of the biggest automotive companies and producers of durable household goods
Leoni AG which manufactures cables for the electrical installations to leading companies of the automotive sector like VW, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, GM, PSA, Renault, Jaguar/Land Rover and MAN as well as to leading companies of the sector of durable household goods of Europe and our country like Bosch /Siemens (BSH), Wieland, Philips, Liebherr and Arcelik is continiously growing.

A production park of 10 m2
Leoni Cable Turkey which launched its production activities in Mudanya in Turkey following the acquisition of Siemens Cable Systems  was renamed Leoni Cable and Technologies in the year 2000. It continued its activities in Mudanya between the years 2000-2005. The company moved to its new factory with an area of 6 500 m2  in Bursa free zone in the month of July. It increased its production park to 10 000 m2 with an addition of 5000 m2 at the end of the year 2011.

Target for the year: 15 % increase in turnover
Leoni Turkey is proud of increasing its turnover which was 7,3 million Euro in 2000 to the level of 120 million Euro in the year 2015.  Despite the shrinking marketing and the drop in the prices Leoni Cable Turkey shall realized an increase in its turnover at the rate of 15 % in the year 2016 and the volume of the semi-manufactured goods shall increase from 16.3 thousand tones to 20 thousand copper/tones, which corresponds to a capacity increase of 25 % in comparison to the last year thanks to the correct investments that have been realized. Leoni Turkey which had turned the crisis period into an opportunity and did not discontinue its investments shall, thanks to the investments of more than 10 million Euros that it had realized in different years, strengthen its leadership position in the sector by increasing the volume of its cable production which was 1,8 million km in 2014 to 3.0 million km at the end of 2016.  

Leoni Turkeu ranks at the top of  Leoni AG companies
Leoni Turkey which has a very simple organization of management and carries out  its  business activities with a team of 150 employees  ranks at the top among  the subsidiaries of Leoni AG as a result of KAIZEN, permanent improvement and 5S activities. Leoni Turkey exports cables to its customers all over the world through  road, sea and air ways thanks to its geographical position in the free zone of Bursa. It continues providing service to its customers in its consignee warehouses in Adapazarı and Mudanya in Turkey as well as in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Romania for the purpose of supplying goods for its customers.