Our company, Koç Plastik, has been founded in 1993 and serves to the plastic industry with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons in a total area of 20,000 m² with a 6000 m² closed area in our factory in Çorlu, Tekirdağ. We produce and provide services in international quality standards to enable our customers to compete in the market. It is possible to manage change, meet needs and offer solutions beyond anticipation only by being close to the customer. Koç Plastik is an establishment which can foresee tomorrow, which is open to innovations and which can has adopted the principle of adapting to innovations. Our primary target is to be a global company of our sector which offers value-added solutions to production with the right technologies within and without Turkey, which adapts rapidly to technological developments, which directs change, which keeps consumer and employee satisfaction at the highest level and which is preferred firstly through local and foreign business partners. Koç Plastik successfully realizes timely and uninterrupted supply delivery system to the esteemed customers thereof in Turkey and in the regional markets by combining its technical know-how accumulation based on 24 years with its high production capacity. Our company, Koç Plastik, has adopted the principle of producing the highest quality products in a short time and at minimal cost at the request of its valued customers.

We are one of the leading establishments of Turkey
Our company, Koç Plastik, aims to be a company which adopts principles of quality production, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing with respect to the environment and humans in every department thereof production by virtue of its high technology machines. Our company carries out its manufacturing activities in our production department in the light of modern technological developments in line with our goal of reaching new markets and becoming an internationally preferred company. The ideas and proposals presented to the client are transferred with the finest details thereof. We attach importance as a fundamental duty to produce quality raw materials which we develop in our R & D and P & D laboratories in accordance with international standards instead of producing the cheapest since the first day of our company’s establishment. We are one of the leading companies in Turkey in terms of capacity and investment size in HFFR (Halogen Free Fire Retardant), PE (Polyethylene) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride Compound) production sector. Our company is a pioneer in reflecting the polymer technologies developing with its strong laboratory and engineering infrastructure to Turkey’s HFFR, PE and PVC compound sectors. We make production of compounds in accordance with TSE, VDE, BS and ASTM standards according to the product specifications, 
HFFR Compounding
Our company, Koç Plastik as one of Turkey's leading manufacturer of plastic compounds, meet the demands of its esteemed clientele successfully since 1993 with the Quality Oriented Solution slogan thereof thanks to its quality and stable products formulated for injection and extrusion applications. Our company, Koç Plastik aiming to be a part of the success of Turkey which is the shining star of Europe in the plastics industry, has been following the polymer technologies rapidly developing in the world since the establishment 

thereof and in parallel with these developments, has been improving the efficiency thereof each and every passing day by being a part of this success of our country thanks to its R & D laboratory developing its innovative ideas by virtue of its production process renewed continuously and superior test equipments.

Koç Plastik aims to meet the HFFR requirement use of which has been rapidly increasing in our country and imported mostly from abroad with the products of NABAFLAM production of which it has started in line with demands received from our customers by virtue of its experience gained since its establishment in 1993 in the field of plastic raw material production.
Our company, Koç Plastik, makes trials of different combinations by virtue of its extruders with laboratory scale and in the same process logic with machines and equipments in the production process and which have capacity of pilot production  process with an eye to determine the flame-toxic behavior which is one of the most important characters of HFFR material and meet the compound requirements of its customers in different specifications by pilot production and in addition we are carrying out R&D researches required for quality and standard products in our new laboratory particularly established for HFFR by the test equipments which determines various flame and toxicity properties in addition to extruder, to meet the different requirements  in a shorter time. 
Halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR ) cables are used in places where people come together such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, subways, power plants and skyscrapers. They have been developed for protection of human life, valuable materials and important documents during fire. Electrical systems such as fire alarm systems, ventilation systems, lifts, warning and direction lights and doors are required to work for a while during fire. Therefore, supply and control cables for these systems must be halogen-free (HFFR), safety cables.

PVC Compounding
PVC is much more cost-effective and durable compared to other thermoplastics as well as industrial products manufactured from different materials. Our company presents effective solutions for industrial PVC applications with special formula designs.

Hard PVC Granules
Koç Plastik is one of the best-known companies in rigid PVC granule applications in Turkey and the regional markets. Our company offers high quality and cost-effective solutions in the form of hard PVC granules and dry blend for the requests of our valued clientele at the highest level. The most effective formulas for window profiles, pipes and fittings, fence and curtain rails, doors, gutters, moldings and all modern PVC constructions are prepared through our company with utmost care.

Soft PVC Granule
All the soft PVC products manufactured by us are produced according to ROHS norms and do not comprise heavy metals. The quality of our company's soft PVC granule range can be seen in the hoses, shoes, gaskets, floor coverings and cable productions made by our valued customers.
Service Sectors

1. Cable : Semi-rigid and soft granules produced by Koç Plastik for cable sheath, insulation and filling have been developed to withstand 70-125C motion.
• They are UV resistant and do not contain heavy metal 
• They have superior quality in aging tests.
• They have high resistance against heat, atmosphere, fire, wear and tear.
• They have full compliance with the standards of the automotive industry.
• There are special granule solutions for specific cable applications.

2. Construction Elements: PVC is a long life plastic resistant against fire, heavy atmospheric conditions and impacts. These properties render PVC an indispensable material among interior and exterior building elements in the construction industry.
• Interior Building Elements 
Electrical equipments, cable channels, switches and panels.
• Exterior Building Elements 
Window profiles and accessories, sidings, fences, garage doors, cable channels, winged structural elements, walkway flooring materials, directional signs.
3. Shoes: Koç Plastik has introduced numerous new products in PVC shoe applications to the sector.
4. Various Industrial Sectors:
• Soft hoses used in the production of electric vacuum cleaners, liquids and food.
• Seals for the automotive and appliances sector.
• Toys.
• Cable channels.
Formulas in desired softness and colors are presented by our company in a wide range.

R & D and P & D All procurement and production stages from HFFR - PE and PVC granule compounds to the final product are carefully controlled in R & D and P & D departments of Koç Plastik. Our R & D and P & D departments, at the same time, closely follow the technologies developing as to polymeric materials and additives with their strong engineering infrastructure and reflect them to the sector with special applications.

Koç Plastik applies the total quality management philosophy thereof in all of its departments. Our company, continuing to work with the environment-friendly production thereof, continues its quality management by including stages from the supply chain to production stages of PVC granule components.