Turkey representation of world-famous 40 companies…
Kempro is the solution partner of strongest and long-established
companies in the cable sector


Kempro Kimyasal Maddeler ve Dış Ticaret Inc. was established in 1991, and it is the raw material supplier and Turkey representative of world-famous 40 companies operating in the fields of paint, ink, textile, plastic, rubber, cable, adhesive, construction chemicals, automotive, cosmetics and food and Middle East, North Africa and Balkan countries representative for many of them, and it also started to make compound production for plastic and rubber industries as of 2014.

Cable is among the sectors prioritized by Kempro…
It is our first priority to create added value for our clients to which we offer services thanks to our knowledge based on many years in our operation areas. In this sense, we supply a large variety of polymer and additive materials for all kind of cables including energy cables (HV&MV&LV), data-signal cables, telecom cables. Additionally, we have added a new product last year to KROL series compounds which is our own product and has been offered to the sector for several years. We will soon be introducing for the sector our Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) products from the KROL series.
We are the Turkey representative of DELTA TECNIC and SNEHAM
As Kempro Kimyasal Maddeler, we have become Turkey exclusive authorized dealer and distributor for SNEHAM company which is an Indian company producing woven, non-woven, swollen and semiconductor bands and for DELTA TECNIC which is a Spanish company producing DELTACOLOR branded masterbatches as of the beginning of second half of 2016. In short to mention these companies; DELTA TECNIC is a strong company which has an outstanding company with regard to both variety and quality. Its products are not limited only to cable sector, they are also used in PVC pipes and profile sectors. It also produces masterbatches special to the plastics used by companies and additive materials giving different features to the plastics as well as producing masterbatch for almost all kind of plastics used in the cable sector. Among its product range;

• For use in energy, data and installation cables; PVC based
• For use in automotive cabling (T2 / T3); PVC based
• For use in telecommunication cables; PE based
• For use in PE / XLPE insulated energy cables; PE based
• For XLPE capable of cross-linking under ambient conditions; PE-based (Visico / Ambicat)
• For use in automotive and fiber optic cables; TPA, TPE-E
• For use in fiber optic cables; PBT
• For use in energy and industrial cables, TPU
• For use on HFFR / LSFR cabling; PE and EVA based
• For use in automotive cables; ETFE FLUOROPOLYMER masterbatches are available.

Therefore, we have added two more new product groups to our portfolio for introducing to the cable sector to which we have been offering services with cable plastic and gel until today.
SNEHAM company produces mostly woven or non-woven semiconductor bands used in the production of medium and high voltage cables with swollen bands used in both energy and telecommunication cables. Its production complies with applicable quality standards for all over the world. Among its products;

• Woven semiconductor bands,
• Non-woven semiconductor bands,
• Water holding band,
• There are polyester, adhesive polyester, adhesive polyamide, adhesive teflon, mica and many other kinds of bands; for use in electrical insulation as well as products like semiconductor water holding band.

We are working with the strongest and long-established companies of the cable sector
The cable sector is a constantly developing, renewing sector; our partners are strong and long-established companies in this sector to which we serve. We provide accurate technical solutions by responding very fast also taking the support of our partners’ experienced staff as well as our knowledge, for the questions and needs of our clients from the selection of machinery and equipments for the cable desired to be produced to the selection of polymers; from process conditions to storage and dispatching.
A second point we make difference is; our technical service and logistics services. At this point, we always keep planned stocks, while we supply materials from these stocks to our customers almost every day of a week, we also offer a second service with regard to planning and logistics to our customers.

We will meet our customers at Plasteurasia fair
We are going to participate in PlastEurasia fair also this year as we have participated in the last 15 years. We will, of course, be introducing our IneosPolyolefins, Crosspolimeri, H&R and de Kempro – Krol series products for which we’re already representative together with the products of our new representations mentioned in this article.