We continue to grow in our two seperate production plants in a closed area of 19.500 m2.  We have increased our processing capacity with 3-4-5 axis CNC benches, lathe with a diameter of 05m and length of 15mt and approximately 55 machinery park. We provide service  at a high quality level with the support of our CNC machines supported by CAD-CAM and our technological strength.  
We provide service to the whole world  with our 175 qualified and experienced employees out of which 30 are white-collar, experienced engineers and technicians. We produce projects with our design, automation and technical staff. We manufacture machinery for the  cable, wire and pipe producers. We set up turn-key factories including Tubuler strander, Planet strander and OPGW (Fiber Optic lines)  

We have a production capacity which is able to meet all kinds of  demands of our customers in the cable sector.  
We provide service to producers which have become global brands 
We export 85 % of our production to numerous countries like America, Canada, Chile, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekhistan, Egypt, Aşgeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India with the exception of Far-eastern countries and to cable producers with a global brand. .  

We meet the needs and demands of our customers at the highest quality level with our products equipped with the fist-class equipment and experienced and trained professional service team Even at this very moment some members of our service  team are carrying out installation works and commissioning oır machinery at the facilities of the major companies in the world.  We give priority to customer satisfaction by following up the developments in the sector closely. We have adopted the principle of  working with a focus on results rapidly whatever the conditions may be thanks to our dynamic and flexible structure. The reasons accounting for the the preference of our company in many countries is our ability to produce projects meeting the demands of the customers, our understanding of quality and after-sale 
services based on  our above mentioned features.   

We carry out our production activities based on the  understanding of ISO 9001 quality management system
We work with a point of view that prioritizes the production of solutions instead of discussing the problems and turns the crisis into opportunity, The way for having a place in the world market is to create a perception of quality and attaning the level of the quality of products in the developed countries. 
The machinery that we produce based on ISO 9001 quality management system are first  commissioned in our production plants and made ready for shipment after passing through various test stages. Our young staff members are trained with process information beginning from the manufacturing phase up to the trial of the machinery. We try to overcome the scarcity of well-trained staff in our country and sector in this way.