KABMAK, which manufactures machines for cable, wire and pipe producers, exports %85 of its products to several countries in the world from United States to India, from Spain to Nigeria. The company, which has moved to its new production plant in the past months, carries on producing in a more motivated way. We talked with KABMAK Purchasing and Administrative Affairs Manager Ahmet Nalbantoğlu and Planning Manager Erol Seçer about the company and its activities.

Could you inform us about your company and products/services?
We continue to grow in two separate plants on a closed area of 19500 m². We have increased our operational volume with 3-4-5 axis CNC counters, turning lathe with a Diameter of Ø5 mt, and a length of 15mt and approximately 50 machines, we provide high quality services with the support of our CAD-CAM supported CNC machines and technological power.

To which sectors do you offer services?
We offer services to the world with our 175 employees including 30 white-collared educated, engineers, technicians and experienced-qualified. We produce projects with our design, automation and technical team. We produce machinery for cable, wire and pipe producers.
What are your solutions/products intended for the cable sector?
We establish turnkey factories. We have the production power that can meet all kind of demands of customers in the cable sector.

To where do your products reach? Could you inform us about your markets?
We provide services to many countries like United States, Canada, Chile, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Australia, Dubai, Arabia, India through 85% export except far east countries and world-brand cable producers and major companies in Turkey. We meet our customers’ demands and needs at the highest level with our products equipped with first class high-quality equipments and experienced, trained professional service staff. Even now, some of our service teams are performing installation at important companies all over the world and commissioning our machines.

Why should your products be preferred? What are your differences in terms of quality and service?
We try to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront by closely monitoring the developments in the sector. We have adopted as principle to work fast and result-oriented under any circumstances whatsoever with our dynamic-flexible structure. The reason of being preferred in many countries is our capability to produce projects suitable for the demands, our quality understanding and after-sales services. We’re working with a viewpoint to turn crises in opportunities, to produce solutions instead of talking problems in the sector. It is only possible to take part in the world market through quality perception and product standards same as in developed countries. The machines produced with ISO 9001 quality management system understanding are first commissioned in our plants, tested at various stages, and become ready for delivery. Our young staff is trained about process information from manufacturing stages to the trial of our machines. In this way, we try to overcome the shortage of trained personnel in our country and sector.

What are your projects, targets for 2017?
To increase our share in the international market, to keep up with the developments in the machine technology are among our targets. In addition, we are going to participate in Atlanta/America and Russia/Moscow Cable Wire 2017 Fairs.