Despite economical sanctions like embargos, additional taxes, etc. between countries our exporting continues without missing a beat.

We have received new orders after the machines we sent to the US in recent months.
After the downed plane crisis, our exports to Russia are on the rise. We continue to work in Europe, the Turkish Republics and African countries.

Our special purpose machines, which we have sent abroad, and their features:

In addition to the machines and production lines we manufacture for the production of general purpose cables for power and communication, Kabmak also produces machines for special purpose cables and applications and markets them all over the world. We put all our effort into carrying our country and our industry further by utilizing the knowledge, experience and engineering skill we have.

*Recently we dispatched to Russia the production line we manufactured for the armoring and shielding that are the most important stages in producing the special mining cables that only a select few companies in the world can produce. In addition to the general purpose taping, armoring, shielding and transferring processes, the line has been specially developed to play a role in producing mining cables in particular. The tangential banding on the entry and exit of the line in 700 mm. diameter and 50 mm width varieties on everything from paper to polyester and copper to steel has been designed for the high speed banding needs of cables up to 80 mm diameter. 
This taping is made possible with different materials both before and after the armoring machines in between. Between these taping are revolving shielding machines that concentrically wind aluminum, copper or steel wire on items of 60 each 250mm diameter spools. These concentric shielding machines can turn in opposite directions or in the same direction by being electronically locked together (electronic shaft) like a single machine with 120 wires to fulfill a wide range of needs in production.

*In addition to this there are the very specialized Teflon insulation extruders and lines we export to several different European countries and the special twisting insulation lines used in the automotive sector outside of electricity for very sensitive vehicle parts like gear and brake wires that we manufacture and the special twisting lines for city equipment that we custom design and produce for our customers. We have also manufactured and delivered custom designed machines and production lines for special purpose twisting, armoring, shielding and insulation in the nuclear energy, space exploration and defense fields. 

*Similar to cable machines processing;
Currently complete steel production lines for a European company renewing their lines and plastic pipe production lines for pipes up to 400 mm. in diameter for an African country are waiting to be delivered.
Also after many years of shipment abroad, our 2nd hand market is forming in Europe. Being among our strong rivals is a source of pride and joy for our country.

The design, project planning, automotion, software and manufacturing of the cable and steel cable machines and plastic pipe machine that we manufacture; 
In an area of 19,500 m² closed space of two separate facilities 3-4-5 axis CNC work stations, 5 mt. diameter, 10 mt long lathes, CAD-CAM supported CNC machines and other nearly 40 machines are produced by 30 white collar engineers, technicians and 175 qualified employees.

We participated in the international cable and wire fair that was held in Düsseldorf/Germany in April of 2018. We were greeted with great interest by our customers from all over the world.
Next we will participate in the Interwire 2019 Fair in Atlanta, USA.

Among our main goals is to meet the demands of our customers in our own sector and continue innovations that will please them, overcome the adverse developments in the world to maintain and increase our market share in the international market.