HES Kablo is qualified as sector leader again in ISO 500 List

Results of the '500 Great Industrial Establishments of Turkey' survey conducted regularly every year through Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) has been announced. HES Kablo, which has been in the 80th place in ISO 500 List has also maintained its leadership in the cable industry this year. HES Kablo, having been Turkey's leading cable producer since 2004, became in the first place among the industrial establishments in Kayseri region by achieving its  place in the list of ISO 500. HES Kablo, which maintained its leading position in the cable sector with a net sales of 1 billion 167 million 826 thousand TL, was established in 1974 to produce energy cables. HES Kablo exports to nearly 140 countries achieving an amount of more than 110 million dollars and has a wide range of products addressing the entire wire industry by producing low, medium and high voltage energy cables, aluminum conductors, copper communication cables, fiber optic cables and enamelled coil with more than 40 years of experience thereof.