HDOPLAST aiming to produce high valuable product with susceptible to environment and human health, continue to working on novel and R&D oriented products.
In today's competitive environment, as a natural consequence of globalization, companies have difficulties to sustain their existing.
It is very important for companies to be able to defend themselves against heavy competition, knowledge-intensive, high value-added, cost-effective products with novel products development can be considered as crucial properties. With this point of view, HDOPLAST determined its goal as developing new and superior products.  
Innovative activities within the scope of the development process are listed below.

Crosslikable HFFR (XL-HFFR)
HDOPLAST has launched its high-performance range of HFFR, silane-crosslinkable compounds intended for use in Oil and Gas, Marine and Railway applications. XL-HFFR with wide range of continue operating temperature, resistance against oils, mud, alkalis and acids can be used as flexible insulation and sheathing compounds.

New Products Comply with CPR Regulation
As it is known, new CPR standards will become valid after second part of 2017 make it necessary to develop new cable design as well as new compounds for cable applications. Today HDOPLAST are ready to become a sustainable solution partner with HK-12L of extremely high LOI value and low HRR (Heat Release Rate) with antidriping properties as sheathing compound.       

A promising alternative to Mica Tape in Fire Alarm Cable: Exturdable Cable Compound
 In case of fire it is very crucial to sustain electrical conductivity for fire alarm cable. Thus, mica tape is the only alternative for the durability of fire alarm cable. However, mica tape application is limiting factor for cable extrusion process because of lower production capability and difficulties in application. In that point, HDOPLAST has launched a new generation cable compound having durability against fire for required test time. Thanks to its unique structure allowing fast production speed with conventional extruder usage in cable production.

Novel Single Screw Compound Production Line: Designing to Manufacturing
With the collaboration of partner company DOMEKS MAKİNE counter-rotating twin screw extruder has been patented since 2012. A new generation compound production line with single screw has completed its R&D period. Single screw compounding machine design will be able to allow producing soft and rigid PVC, HFFR, PE based compounds. The new generation single screw design will be a promising alternative to foreign compounding machines with reasonable and lower investment cost.