Gurfil A.S.

Gurfil is a worldwide manufacturer of Raw Materials and Machinery for the cable industry since 1981. In 2016 Gurfil celebrates its 35th anniversary at the cable market. Since the company's founding we are proud to serve our customers throughout the worls with our Foil - Film - Tape products together with Machinery, including sales from stock, service, maintenance, after sales support and 100% spare parts from stock.

Gurfil offers a wide portfolio of Raw Materials and Machinery that includes 3 groups ;

A. Foil, film, tape group products;  
ALU/PET, ALU/PET/ALU, ALU/PET/SY, ALU/COPOLY, CU/PET, CU/PET/SY, PP Identification tape, Polyester Non-Woven tape,  Aluminium foil, Copper foil, Polyester film,  Fiberglass tape, Mica tape, PP foam tape, Kraft paper, Crepe paper, Semi-conductive tape, Swelling tape, Fiberglass yarn, Ripcord yarn  

B. Wire group;
Aluminium wire, 3 Layer Physical Foamed Conductors, Copper coated aluminium wire, Copper coated steel wire.
C. Machinery group;
High Speed Mica Taping Machine,
High Speed Vertical Braiding Machine (16 and 24 carrier),
High Speed Vertical HEAVY Braiding Machine (16 and 24 carrier),
High Speed Horizontal Braiding Machine (24, 32, 36 and 48 carrier),
Tension controlled wire pay-off and Wire Re-winder,
Pay-Off and Take-Up,
Copolymer Welding Machine,
Air Wipe Units, ABS Spools.

An experience of 35 years
With 35 years of experience Gurfil managed to take a leading position on Turkish and European markets among Braiding machine and Mica taping machine suppliers. Up to today we have supplied with 1500 vertical&horizontal braiding machines and over 200 taping machines cable factories around the globe and we continue to serve our present and potential customers. Gurfil’s sales team makes sure that its customers continue to receive the same quality products and on time deliveries.
To continue our success in cable market we give great importance to research and development. Our technicians are constantly in search of technological solutions that guarantee the best performance to our customers.
It is a great honor and privilege for us to know that our Foil – Film – Tape products together with Machinery could be a good contribution into success of our customers on their way to be a leading cable producer in the industry.  

We are happy to see that the relationships between Ankara and Moscow are improving again We have seen a stable growth in 2015 but there were some global challenges by the end of 2015 - beginning of 2016. One of them is friction between Turkey and Russia after a military incident, putting under pressure economic ties between the two countries. As you know Russia has imposed a set of economic and other sanctions against Turkey. Besides the regular supply Russian cable producers with raw materials, before the incident Gurfil has signed some long term projects such as manufacturing and commissioning of a several braiding lines for one of the biggest Russian cable manufacturer.  As result these sanctions have created enormous difficulties in the implementation of our projects and made almost impossible our regular delivery of raw materials to our current customers. We were so glad to hear first restoration signals of diplomatic and economic relations between Ankara and Moscow. It is necessary that Turkish relations with Russia get back to normal for all of us.
We aim at continuing our success in the year 2017 as well Looking ahead, by the end of 2016, we aim to struggle back our positions which we had before the negative developments in the international markets and to continue achieving a consistent growth and sustainable success in all our business lines. We are optimistic about gaining more worldwide customers and make new contacts for the future business deals. Gurfil aims to continue its success in 2017 with fast delivery and high level of after- sales support service.