Greenmer Plastik continues to develop innovative and customer-focused solutions for the cable industry thanks to its experience in the field of polymers. The Company will achieve “a first” by production of TPU and Flame-Resistant TPU following its HFFR production in pursuance with crosslinked HFFR and CPR B2 class as a result of the R&D activities performed with other leading cable producers of the sector. We had an interview with Mr. Seçkin Tuğla, the Board Director of Greenmer Plastik Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. as to their company and products.
Would you provide information to us as to corporate identity of your company?
We, Greenmer Plastik Kimya AŞ, have been operating in Turkey as of 2015 in the field of innovative and qualified plastics production for the sector with our experience of approximately 15 years in the cable sector. Greenmer, established with the philosophy of continuous innovation and sustainable quality, realizes the production thereof in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management, RoHS and Reach SVHC with its expert staff. 
Would you provide information to us as regards your products?
Greenmer is distinguished from its competitors with the firsts it has achieved in the cable industry, in line with its target of manufacturing products with more advanced technology in Turkey instead of the imported products. We can briefly state the products we offer to the sector as follows:
• HFFR - Thermoplastic Halogen Free Flame-Resistant Compounds
FR 4340Cb/FR 4050Cb - HFFR conforming to CPR B2ca/Cca classes  
FR 3760/FR 3761 - HFFR resistant to water, impact and crack and compliant to LTS3, TI7 and HM4 standards
FR 3840 – HFFR fit for high line speed and zero scale/die drool 
FR 3550/FR3830 - Standard HM2/HM4 compliant HFFR
FRb 4030- HFFR with intermediate sheath and suitable for double process 
• Crosslinked HFFR Compounds
PX 3050-EN50525-3-41 H05Z-K, H07Z-K cables and XL-HFFR conforming to EN50363-5 EI5 standards
PX 3055 - XL-HFFR conforming to ISO 6722 Class B and Class C standards
FX 3430 - XL-HFFR conforming to EN50618 H1Z2Z2-K solar cables 
FX 3950 - XL-HFFR conforming to HXM1 cable type and in IEC 60332-3-22 CATE non-flammability class 
• XLPE (Crosslinked Polyethylene) Compounds
XP 2303 - XLPE for 0,6-1 kV conforming to IEC60502-1 and BS 7655-1.3 standards
• Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
TPES 85C – TPU conforming to EN 50363-10-2 standard
TPES 3394-UV – Flame-Resistant TPU conforming to IEC 60332-1-2 standard
• Crosslinked EPR/EPDM Compounds
In addition to these products, we also develop products in line with requirement of our customers with special solutions we offer to our esteemed customers. 
Would you mention your works within the scope of the new Regulation on Construction Materials (CPR)?
The Greenmer R&D team has been actively involved in the preparation process of the legislation since 2010. Our company has offered HFFR compound solutions to the sector in line with the Regulation on Construction Materials (CPR) which has become imperative in July 2017 because of the EN50575 standards and also has received certificates at the highest non-combustibility class with many customers thereof in Turkey and Europe. Cables, such as JE-H(St)H, LIHH, LIHCH, N2XH, NHMH produced as Fr4340cb HFFR compounds are some of the products certification of which have been made as  B2ca,d0,s1a and a1.
Would you give us information as to your markets?
We work with the vast majority of Turkey's leading cable manufacturers and produce joint projects. Moreover, we regularly export 40% of our production to European countries by virtue of our dealer network. Our efforts to increase our market share in Turkey and Europe continues intensively with our new investments and products.
What kind of innovations are you planning and for the coming period and what are  the targets of your company for 2018 ?
We target to expand our product range we offer our customers in the coming period and at the same time we are aiming to make developments and innovations in line with the demands. In this context, we are planning to produce innovative materials with our machinery investments, in our Silivri factory and our laboratory works within the scope of KOSGEB-TÜBİTAK projects. Cord compounds in conformance with E-beam, oil-resistant XL-HFFR production under NEK606 and easy to process rubber compounds are some examples of them. Our top priorities include to achieve a sustainable structure and increase our competitive strength by virtue of products and solutions with high added value and including high, knowledge and technology   and receive more share from world trade.