Goldagi Cable

Owner of Goldagi Cable factory, Mr. Alisan Cicek, who stated that they have started the works required to transport the ion copper metal plant in Gebze to Corlu added that they planned to set up a new site for this plant. On the other hand, Mr. Cicek who stated that the feasibility studies are continuing for the production of middle and high voltage cable on the piece of land of 30,000 m² inside the organized industrial zone which is located in the vicinity of their existing production plant made the following statements: “We have received price quotations from the companies which are operating in the global markets and these offers are being evaluated by our Board of Directors. We expect a 30% capacity increase with this investments. Besides all renewal and investment activities for the laboratory and quality control equipment are continuing. This will enable us to realize more accurate measurement and control by means of the modern and technological equipment.

Our company has grown 10% in comparison to the year 2015 in the first half of the year
Factory Manager of Goldagi Mr. Abbas Meral who stated that as Goldagi Cable they achieved a growth rate of 10% in the first half of the year in comparison to the same period of the year 2015 and a growth rate of 35% in comparison to the same period of the year 2014 said that they aim at working with full capacity by continuing their growth. Mr. Meral who stated that their activities directed at increasing the capacity would continue underlined that the efficiency of the new wire-drawing machinery which has an annual capacity of drawing 12,000 tons of copper and was bought in the year 2015 satisfied their expectations. Mr. Meral who drew attention to the fact that they could slim copper with a diameter of up to 1.20 to 4.50 mm out of 8 mm wire rod added that they continue their production activities in the ion copper metal plant in Gebze in the up cast copper melting and thin wire drawing unit.  

Mr. Cicek who stated that their product line consisted of YVV(NYY),N2XH,N2XH Fe 180,NVV(NYM),H05VVF,H03VV-F,HO7V-U/R and H07V-K cables as well as YVZ2V(NYRY),YVZ3V(NYFGbY), YVZ4V(NYBY) halogen-free cables and copper conductor wires stated that they have taken the actions required to survive under conditions of intensive competition. Mr. Cicek who underlined that their company has always aimed at continuous growth and development further said the following: “We offer our products to the market under the brand Goldagi. We are a company which renews itself continuously. Renewal activities sometimes amount to 30% and sometimes 10 % of the annual turnover. We haven’t set a fixed figure for research and development investments since quality and development is our priority. We are working to achieve what is best for the company
Exports target: 50% increase
Goldagi Cable plans to export 50% of its production. Mr. Cicek who stated that they export 30% of their production added that their main aim is to work with full production capacity. Mr. Cicek who drew attention to the fact that the existing markets must be protected and new markets must be found in order to achieve that goal further made the following statement: “In the short term we aim at allocating half of our production for exports and half of it for the domestic market. We have already started our activities directed at achieving this end. We are trying to participate in all sectoral fairs abroad. Middle East, Africa and Turkic Republics are our markets with top priority. Besides we also don’t ignore the North European markets.

Profit margins drop as a result of intensive competition
Mr. Cicek who stated that intensive competition was the most important problem that they have encountered in the sector added that numerous companies are operating in the Turkish cable sector, which is a factor that reduces the profit margins. Mr. Cicek who drew attention to the fact that the supply exceeds demand both in the domestic and foreign markets in the cable sector made the following statement: “This situation leads to a tough environment of competition in the sector and consequently leads us to produce more innovative products and engage in research and development activity more intensively.”