Goldagi Cable

Goldagi Cable aims at exporting
50% of its production

         Mr. Mahmut Nedim Cobanlı
Sales Manager

Goldagi Cable which is a well-established company in the cable sector is among the leading companies of the sector both terms of its machinery park, product quality and production capacity. The company which is in a good position in the domestic market also thinks big in terms of exports. We have made an interview with the sales manager of  Goldagi Cable, Mr. Mahmut Nedim Cobanlı about their company and goals.

Could you give us some information about your company and products?
Goldagi Cable is one of the leading cable companies of our country which has a cable production plant  endowed with the state of the art and modern machinery. Our company which has started its business activities in the field of copper is a well-established company in the cable sector with an experience that dates back to approximately 40 years. We have a very wide product line ranging from NYA cables to TTR type cables and from halogen-free cables to cables with steel armour. We carry out our production activities in our plant with a closed area or 15,000 acres. Our staff number is 1150 and we are growing as a company every day and our investments are continuing. We have bought a piece of land just near the area where our factory is located and we are planning to move our existing plant to that piece of land together with the production of high and middle voltage cables. Our feasibility studies in this regard are continuing. We have ordered new work machinery. Some of them have already arrived while we are waiting for the delivery of some other.

What are the quality standards of your company? How do you consider the subject of quality?
Goldagi Cable has established its quality system in accordance with TSEN ISO 9001:2000 quality standart and has a high-quality product line meeting the expectations of the customers thanks to the practices carried out in accordance with TSE HAR standarts. We are the holder of all internationally required certificates. Our understanding of quality is based on the principle of responsibility which is actively participated and shared in a balanced manner by all employees. For our company quality is a goal which is renewed annd developed according to the changing conditions. It is the assurance of our company to ensure the high quality that meets the expectations of our customers. The objective of the management of our quality system is not to sort out all the defective products but to attain flawless production. It is our main policy to be the leader of quality in our product line with the active participation of all our employees who are equipped with permanent and conscious training, and to provide service without causing any damage on the nature.

Could you give us some information about your markets? To which countries do you have access and what are your objectives in terms of export?
As a company we have a very good position in the domestic market. We also have big goals in terms of exports. Today we export our products to approximately 30 countries. We export 25 to 30% of our production volume. However we consider that percentage as insufficent and aim at increasing it to 50%. We shall strengthen our export department with new staff in order to realize that goal.  Our target markets are the middle-eastern and African countries. But we should also not ignore the European countries.

How do you evaluate the turkish cable sector in terms of product quality and production skill?
Turkey ranks at the top of the cable sector in the World. Our sector is very well positioned in terms of product quality and production capacity. The low quality products produced under the counter no more exist in Turkey. The level of quality must be increased in order to grow and improve. Our sector is aware of this requirement.  

Finally I would like to have your evaluation about the year 2016 and ask you  whether you want to add any other thing…
Profit margins are very low in the cable sector. We buy raw material in USD and sell the cables that we produce in TL. Assuming that the average period of time required for the delivery of an order is one month we may say that even a change at the rate of 5 percent between the value of USD and TL during that period may remove all the profit. One of the main problems of the sector is the low level of profitability.  As a country we are passing through a quite difficult period in the year 2016.  We are undergoing a difficult process both as a result of the terror activities in our country and the problems of political and terror related nature affecting the neighboring countries. However we as a company is not very far from the point which we had aim at attaining despite all the adverse conditions.