Elcab Kablo

Elcab Kablo’s CEO Nejdet Tıskaoğlu:
“Elcab Kablo is the fastest growing company of the market with its
corporate identity and brand value”


Elcab Kablo’s CEO, Nejdet Tıskaoğlu stating that their customer-oriented production policy has provided a competitive advantage to their company against the competitors, emphasized the fact that they were doing their best in order to fully meet the needs and expectations of the customers through the products they have produced until today. Tıskaoğlu answered our questions.

What are your product varieties?
Our company was founded in 1998. And since then, in its own plants established in 7000 m2 indoor area, it has produced a range of products such as silicone cables, glass fibre cables, silicone seals, silicone tubes, plug-in cables and PVC cables that are utilized in the production of domestic appliances. Thanks to its young and dynamic team, our company always aims for the future. Our products are ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2005 quality certified by the quality management system ISOQUAR, and VDE certified through its regular supervisions by TUV, EAC, ROSH and REACH. Our company produces within the framework of the requirements imposed under these certificates, making use of its wide range of machines and the latest methods of technology. Elcab Kablo exports 40% of its products, and it keeps providing its customers with high quality products that meet their needs and expectations. Since its foundation, our company has given utmost priority to the principles of high quality, timely delivery and reasonable price. As the fastest growing company of the market, we aim to meet our customers’ needs and expectations at utmost level. This is why we highly prioritize product variety for customer-oriented production and exportation activities.

What is the significance of corporate identity and brand value in terms of sales and desirability? How do you invest on your brand and corporate identity?
Elcab Kablo is the fastest growing company of the market with its principles of corporate identity and brand value. Ever since we have started production, we try to meet our customers’ needs and expectations at utmost level, follow and implement the technological investments, to be sensitive to the environment and society, to offer high quality with reasonable price. These customer-oriented principles provide us a competitive advantage and empower our desirability. In parallel to these, our corporate identity and brand value have enabled us to become one of the preferable companies in the market that have competitive edge and that continuously keep growing. A company which has a corporate identity and which is aware of its significance can adjust and improve itself. The market knowledge and experience, corporate identity and brand value of ELCAB KABLO provides us value and a competitive advantage.
The types of cables used in the European market require the most recent technologies. On the other hand, the Middle Eastern regions use cables that are produced with outdated technologies. Thus, the Middle Eastern region is more appealing for us. Our technology is suitable for this region. Do you agree?
Thanks to its R&D works, quality policies, its adaptation of latest production technologies to production processes, Elcab Kablo is able to compete in global terms. It can offer solutions with reasonable prices. It produces in conformity with the local and international standards. It focuses on customer needs and expectations, it always tries to renew and improve itself. Elcab Kablo is a leader company in quality, innovation and competition. All these enable Elcab Kablo to address to both the Europe and the Middle Eastern markets through a customer-oriented policy. So on behalf of our company, I would like to say that, we do not agree with these statements.

Will you participate in the TurkeyBuild Istanbul fair? What is the position and significance of the construction industry for you?
First of all I would like to mention that, our company supplies products mostly for the domestic appliances, electricity and illumination industries. Our products are needed in the production of every product available in these industries. So, our products are demanded not only in these two industries, but also in their sub-industries. Apart from these, we serve to the construction industry with our fire signal cables. But as we do not have much place in this industry apart from this product, we will not participate in the TurkeyBuild Istanbul. On the other hand, we participate in several other fairs; we perform regular customer visits and research and development activities in order to expand our sales network. We participated in the Middle East Electricity Fair organized in Dubai on March 1-3 and in WIN Eurasia Electrotech Fair organized in Istanbul on March 17-20. Apart from these, we will participate in the SODEX Fair to be organized in Istanbul on May 4-7.

Surplus supply, fierce competition, low profitability… How will all these negativities influence the cable industry in the upcoming period? Can these lead to company wind ups or mergers?
The supply is greater than the demand today. Due to the instability caused by the surplus supply, there is fierce competition and low profitability. Unfortunately, these challenges are not only observed in the cable market, but also in the other markets. Customer loyalty depends on their priority in the purchase process. As the price issue is the primary issue for customer preference, the price pressure has unfortunately cleared off that loyalty. In my opinion, for the achievement of profitable, qualified, fine and successful works, the market shall be led by powerful companies that are developed regarding corporate identity, corporate structure, background and machinery. I would like to emphasize that this is not a monopolistic approach, but a necessity for the development and sound management of the market. Otherwise, the fierce competition and low profitability caused by the surplus supply will unfortunately lead to company wind ups not mergers.

What do you think about the first quarter data of the market? Are they positive or negative? What is your anticipation for 2016 based on these?
As for the first quarter of the year, we can talk about a decrease for all the industrialists and producers due to the global ambiguities, fluctuations, and the political games played in the expense of our country. But despite all these negativities, the extent of the aforementioned decrease is not concerning. Considering the market conditions, we can state that the upcoming period would provide a favourable context for us. We will be in the SODEX Fair to be organized in Istanbul CNR on May 4-7.