ETK Kablo

As the developing brand in cable industry, ETK Kablo maintains its steady growth by exporting to more than 80 countries throughout the world. We made an interview on the company with ETK Kablo Commercial Affairs Vice President Mehmet Şahal.

Could you inform us on your products and relevant areas of usage?
The wide product range of ETK Kablo enables the products to be used in almost all areas. The word “communication” has a greater meaning rather than just eight letters. ETK Kablo connects people in more than 80 countries ranging from Estonia and United States to Thailand and Namibia.
The phone cables manufactured up to 3600 ths link cities, countries and continents.
On the other hand, the fiber optic cables manufactured up to 432 optics also link cities, countries and continents.
The Data/LAN cables allow data transmission in offices or homes.
The signal cables allow signaling operation in shopping malls, factories and hospitals.
The fire alarm cables maintain communication between fire systems.
The fire resistant cables maintain communication by means of high performance under challenging conditions caused by a fire.
The instrumentation cables are used for measuring systems in automation processes.
The control cables are used in cranes and control systems.
The coaxial cables allow you to enjoy watching TV.
CCTV cables provide uninterrupted security.

How you started the year of 2017? What is your anticipation for the first quarter?
The beginning phase of 2017 is going really good for ETK Kablo. We expect to experience a great year as the acceleration in 2016 continues this year. In accordance with the data of first quarter, the extreme winter conditions throughout Europe and the elections in United States have an impact on all industries including the cable sector.

Do you work for the American market? What is the annual amount of American cable imports? Which countries operate in this market? What is the priority of American market for Turkish cable industry?
ETK Kablo exports to the America Continent for many years. However, the American market, especially of United States and Canada, forces exporting at the first stage due to certification procedures for copper products. Yet, ETK Kablo has a broad customer portfolio in United States including the US Army. On the other hand, the fiber optic cable exports will also increase this year following the high demand for such cable types in the United States.

Which countries you export currently or consider exporting in future in the America continent?
ETK Kablo exports to various countries including United States of America, Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, El Salvador and Honduras. In addition to the stated countries, we have ongoing contacts with highly competitive markets such as Argentina, Brazil or Chile.

How you interpret the Brexit process in England? What will be the consequences of this process within the biggest market for Turkish cable exports?
England is the top country importing Turkish cables. The unsettled customs procedures or additional protection activities following Brexit make the current situation unpredictable.

What are the mistakes that cause damage to the industry or you observe in terms of sales and marketing activities?
The manufacturer’s failure to protect the buyer, low price competition and material quality nonconformity are biggest problems in the industry.