ETK Kablo Commercial Assistant General Manager Mehmet Şahal:

“The first half chart has been realized in line with our expectations. ETK Kablo increases its share”



Considered the year-to-date status as in line with the company’s targets for 2017, ETK Kablo Commercial Assistant General Manager Mehmet Şahal also stated that the positive incidents especially in international markets are reflected on the company. Şahal replied our questions by underlining the increase of company’s share in the market.

What is the outlook of 2017 up to this day? Could you please make an assessment for this year in terms of your company and the entire cable industry?
The first half chart complies with the expectations of ETK Kablo. In consideration of the entire cable industry, the general situation seems positive since the slowdown in domestic projects fails to be reflected in abroad. A significant increase appears in European projects. The new investments by telecommunication operators also increase gradually. ETK Kablo hereby increases its share in the market.

Do you agree with the view that compulsory CPR - EN 50575 in EU would “boost the exports to EU states”?
The suppliers of European customers took necessary steps for CPR. For this reason, the case of changing suppliers would not matter. Yet, the European customers would change suppliers for higher performance in fire resistance.

Unfair competition is one of the most complained issues in the cable industry. Is it experienced mostly in domestic market? Or, does it also appear in exports?
The cable industry is open to unfair competition. Thus, unfair competition would not cease unless inspections are extended. The manufacturers of low quality products benefit from the usage of non-standard conductors and decrease of mesh closure rates. However, the end user suffers from this condition. In terms of exports, such conditions occur occasionally on regional basis.

We mostly address the problems with your Turkish colleagues or competitors. Well, what are the problems you encounter with your competitors from different countries in international markets? Do you observe any deficiency in the products of such competitors in terms of quality, functionality, etc.?
The current situation is same in international arena since the customers make comparisons between the cables with different properties. In general, any issue fails to be experienced by the European manufacturers. In this point, the customer’s misinformation or lack of information is the matter.