ETK Kablo, which achieved 28% growth in 2016, has expanded its customer portfolio with new customers


The year 2016 was a hard year behind us also for the cable sector like all sectors. Especially, some players had to withdraw from the field in the cable sector. However, the players with good strategies who have played the game according to the rules have successfully completed the year. ETK Kablo also ranked among the successful players. The company which achieved a turnover increase with its existing customers in 2016, has also expanded the customer portfolio. We talked with ETK Kablo General Manager Commercial Assistant Mehmet Şanal about the companies’ 2016 performance, 2017 goals and the cable sector.

Would you explain your views on your company and its mission?
The thing forming the primary subject in ETK Kablo’s mission is ‘individual’. ETK Kablo continues to protect the most important item who in fact stands behind the scene and pulling the strings; such as cable, the needs of the individual, while it facilitates the life, even though the individual is not aware of this.

Would you evaluate the year 2016 in terms of your company?
The year 2016 was an important year for ETK Kablo, while the turnover increase target was reached in existing customers in current markets, the attempt to find new customers in current countries, which is also another target, was successfully completed. Meanwhile, another important target, so the target to make sales in the countries in which no sales have been made so far has concluded successfully over expectations.

How was 2016 in terms of your sector?
The situation is opposite to that of ETK Kablo from the sectoral viewpoint… As is known from the markets, there’s a decrease in players in the cable sector this year. ETK Kablo grew by 28% in 2016 compared to the previous year.
What is your approach to the innovation and R&D? What are your company’s works on these issues?
ETK Kablo places great importance on R&D. During the past years, ETK Kablo produced many cables that are not produced in our country by dint of R&D works especially conducted on fiber optical cables within ETK Kablo. ETK Kablo, we started to produce fiber optic cable with polyamide outer sheath in 2016 as a result of these efforts.  This cable, of which there is no manufacturer other than ETK Cable in Turkey, is a special cable which is rather preferred in special projects. R&D investments will also continue in 2017. ETK Kablo’s priorities before the speed in respect of R&D is the production conforming to standards and therefore the high-level quality achieved.

How do you assess the fluctuations in foreign exchange rates? How is it reflected on your business?
The fluctuations in foreign exchange rates unfortunately affect the domestic market first. Unfortunately this price increase in cable sales in our country is indirectly reflected on end consumers finally because of the copper is traded in United States Dollar, the finished-product as a cable is still sold after calculating its price as Turkish Lira over United States Dollar and likewise other raw materials are also imported from abroad. There is not major negative impact since the prices are applied over United States Dollar in foreign markets.

What kind of developments do you foresee for the domestic and foreign markets in 2017? For example, how will CPR-EN 50575 standard’s becoming mandatory in EU market as of 2017 affect the export made to this market?
ETK Kablo’s shipments will increase as every year in domestic market. Also in the foreign market, there will be ordinary increase for ETK Kablo in this way. The subject of CPR overlaps with the ‘individual’ item in ETK Kablo’s mission. About CPR, as we mentioned in the previous edition of Kablosan Turkey, the cable producers who seem to be on a small scale but produce out of standards, which is actually more in quality than the big picture, will be adversely affected.