Enformak AŞ General Manager Ahmet Meriç:
“We export 40% of the products we manufacture to 35 different countries”


Enformak AŞ, a company that is active internationally in the production of plastic processing screws and casings, exports to many industrially developed countries including Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania, Poland, Brazil and America. We spoke to Enformak AŞ General Manager Ahmet Meriç about the company and its operations.

Could you give us information about your products-product variety?
Enformak was established in 1980 as a parts processing workshop. Focusing first on producing various spare parts for plastic processing machines, the company later began to specialize in producing the plastic processing screws and casings that are significant enough to be called the heart of these machines and require special production techniques. Focusing its development power on this field, our company now produces plastic processing screws and casings with a state of the art technology production line that is almost completely CNC controlled and a highly experienced and qualified staff, for our country and 35 other countries. Actually, the plastic melting screws and casings that are the subjects of our production are used in every field of manufacturing where plastic material is used as a material and shaped. The cable sector in particular is one of the sectors our company has a lot of business with. We provide support concerning the production of parts to cable extrusion line manufacturing companies and we also serve many cable producers in our country and abroad to replace worn parts on their existing machines. Actually another important feature of our company is that due to the long years of experience and design ability we have, we can provide solutions to the extrusion based problems that companies experience while processing plastic. We develop different screw designs for various materials like PVC, Halogen Free (HFFR), Polyethylene (PE or XLPE), Teflon, Silicone or Rubber used especially in cable production and make it possible to work with the high productivity and melting quality of these products. Our company is an SME scale company with around 50 employees. We also have the largest production volume for casing and screw manufacturing in Turkey and the surrounding geography, as a company specializing in this field. With export currently at an average 40% level, we are an international company exporting to 35 countries like Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and America.

Are you going to participate in the PlastEurasia fair? What products will you exhibit? What are your expectations from the fair?
We have been participating in the PlastEurasia fair every year since it was first organized. We are one of 3 companies that have been participating for 24 years without exception. We will be participating for the 25th time this year. There will be samples of different screw and casing designs used in every field of plastic processing at our stand. We should especially inform the Kablosan readers and the cable sector that they will be able to see most of the screw designs which achieve the highest productivity in cable manufacturing and while reaching this level of efficiency will provide the mechanical features and surface quality needed for cables; and they will also be able to obtain information on these subjects. They can also see the new self-cleaning extruder filter for which we have recently completed R&D work and tests to add to our Enformak extrusion filter series. This filter will enable long periods of production without having to replace the filter wire. This will not only provide efficiency but achieve stable quality and similar advantages. We await all Kablosan readers at our stand for further details.

We are in the last quarter of 2015. Will you be able to reach your goals for 2015?
What do the figures say?
Although the year 2015 was a bit slow with the election excitement we experienced in the 3rd quarter and the instability in surrounding countries causing negative effects, we believe we will close the year having surpassed our 2015 goals with the good first 6 month figures and the positive acceleration in the fourth quarter. Actually the sense we get from other companies is that this year was full of difficulties compared to last year and a year in which goals could not be fulfilled and economic data confirms this. However, due to the expertise of our company in its field and the structure that has been growing rapidly in recent years, we can say that we have not felt this negativity much. The only negative aspect that can be said for our company is that our growth in recent years has not been at the same rate. Still, there is not much of a negative picture in the current conditions to talk about.

How would you rank the main developments-events that were significant in 2015 and had an impact on the cable sector?     
Rather than sector events, the problems in our domestic market and our export market were a factor in 2015. However an issue that impacted our sector in terms of export was the crisis in Russia, and the former Russian Federation region, where we export a high volume of products. The problems between Russia and the Ukraine brought with them a serious crisis and the commercial balance in the region was compromised. This situation in Russia, a region that the plastic processing machine producers export the most to, was a significant event that impacted our sector from an export aspect.

What are your domestic market expectations for 2016?
We expect that the upward acceleration that started in the last quarter of 2015 will continue throughout 2016. We believe that increase and rejuvenation of our domestic market is more important than the foreign markets for all sectors that have a share in the country’s economy. As Enformak PT the importance we place on the domestic market in 2016 will be at least as much as what we place on the foreign market. We plan to increase and expand our customer visits in 2016 to listen and get a better understanding of their needs.

What are your 2016 predictions for the foreign market which has been stagnant for quite some time?
As Enformak PT we are planning to participate in fair events outside of our regions of operation and visit customers to create new markets. We believe that we, as Enformak PT have succeeded in making the market remember our brand in the foreign markets where we have a presence so we hope that any adversities that occur in these markets will only have a minimal effect on our company. Also with the investments we have made in R&D, we will continue to provide our customers with the Enformak quality and new products with increasing acceleration in 2016. Our expectation is the advantages we provide to our customers will enable us to become closer and we will be able to capture opportunities to introduce our company and our quality to new regions. We expect the neighboring countries to which we export, to take on a more stable state in economic terms during 2016. We expect this to be reflected on our export figures.

Are your expectations more optimistic compared to 2015?
Our expectations for the year ahead are more optimistic than 2015 and our budget and goals have been determined for 2016 with a more courageous approach. However we do not expect a big explosion in the economy. While the fact that a single party government will be governing the country for the next four years is a positive development, we expect the period of unrest in our neighboring countries to calm down to a certain extent. We hope this will help the cable sector as well as many other sectors have a more comfortable year.

Do you as a company have investments and projects that you have postponed to 2016? Would you share your 2016 goals?
There are not actually any postponed investments of our company to discuss. We have had a serious period of investment, especially in production, over the past 6-7 years. We have renewed our production technology in general therefore we do not have any major investments planned for the near future. On the other hand investments continue constantly. We are planning some new investments in 2016 to increase our production capability and our quality. We are also in a constant state of investing in various subjects like the improvement of our company governance structure and reinforcing human resources. We consider investments in every field to be part of constant development. In 2015 there were investments we made according to our budget and the present conditions. In 2016 we will continue to invest within our budget, in every field for the progress of our company.  

Anything you would like to add…
As Enformak, we are pleased to have been providing technical support on plastic processing to the cable sector and other manufacturers in the plastic sector for 35 years. There are great numbers of companies that have relied on us for years and solved their plastification unit problems together with us. It is a good feeling to have gained the trust of our customers in this sense and we are working very hard to live up to their praise that “Enformak is the best company in Turkey in this field”. We constantly strive to improve ourselves and we will work very hard not to lose this trust. We are happy to be your reliable partner for 35 years…