Bozdemir opens the doors of the technology to the full extent for cable and wire manufacturers

Perfectionism brought by the developed world affects almost all sectors. Even existing well-established companies in Turkey, which can’t keep pace with this trend, will be confronted with the problem of extinction or shaking up in the next quarter century.
Our organization, which has managed to be at the forefront thanks to its constantly renewed systems in cable and wire sector, offers the technology to users by processing it with master hands in its significant projects conducted.
It has started its production life in 1999 and developed day by day, so every year exceeded the previous year with respect to production, turnover and usability values. It has preferred to continue with young managers employed after adopting a young and dynamic management format in tis new facility launched in 2008. This attempt implemented in short-time has satisfied the expectation and concluded positively, and took Bozdemir one step ahead with respect to R&D, innovation and machine quality that comes along.

We’re exporting machine to major technology countries such as United States-United Kingdom
Our company has got important achievements in 2016 in accordance with 2-5 and 10-year activity plans implemented in 2014.
It has increased its export by 250% in line with two-year plans and has succeeded to prove its brand in global sector by exporting machines also to major technology countries such as United States-United Kingdom as well as Central Asia countries.

“Bozdemir R&D and Academy Department”
Our organization, which is aware of the fact that only its equity capital won’t be sufficient within the scope of next five-year plan in respect of innovation and R&D, aims to further strengthen the machine park under the joint project conducted with the Ministry of Economy.
Our company, which has included its own R&D center within the year-plan and sensitively handles this subject together with our department managers and established solution partnership with leading brands in the sector, has almost completed the planning phase related to the establishment of “Bozdemir R&D and Academy Department”. This center, which will provide solutions to many companies from different sectors not only our copmany after completion of the establishment, will also continue to raise awareness and invest in future generations by accepting students from universities in various periods.

“There’s a visible mobility in the geography of Africa and Central Asia”
A certain abstaining has not been observed within our body against new attempts during these months with the period of “reviewing investments” given by the beginning of new year and exchange rate fluctuations especially in the local market. But in the foreign market, a noteworthy mobility in the geography of Africa and Central Asia is continuing also in this period especially since a year.
We, Bozdemir Family, are not affected from the problems that may be suffered within the scope of planned years because we take into consideration all negative possibilities in two-year action plan prepared by our executive board who understand well the course of the country and world.
Our organization already gains more than ‘remaining protected against these periods’ thanks to its always planned performances. Although other organizations in Turkey have interrupted their investments first in the event of a smallest difficulty, we could sustain our investments even without a break as a result of our plans and consequently this has been a great achievement for Bozdemir. In addition to this, the aforementioned stance of our organization has always increased its customer portfolio and pleased our current customer potential. Because, either in Turkey or in the world, every customer portfolio wants its solution partner to be always decisive, capable of delivering products on time and stable for remaining strong no matter what happens.

The year 2017 production, sales and export targets
We aim at a growth rate of 37% in domestic market and 30% in exports for our sales department. The researches for 2017 model machines to be added into our machine park by our production department continue at the relevant department. Besides, 5S works that will be conducted jointly with our quality management department will begin as of February in order to improve production performance. We’re also striving to complete the establishment of our R&D center within our 2017 plans while all of these studies continue. Volumetric growth of our company is inevitable as a result of these studies. We also think to implement our plans that can overcome the problems of the reduction of mobility in our possible production plant that may be caused by the volumetric growth as of the last quarter of 2017.