Chairman of the Board of Directors of Borsan Group, Adnan Olmez:
"Our brand is mentioned along with quality in all markets, we will use this advantage to the maximum when 
presenting our new products to the world market"



Stating that they are one of Turkey's top 500 industrial enterprises and that they export their products to 75 countries and that they are market leaders in 15 of them, Chairman of the Board of Borsan Group, Adnan Olmez added that they expect 2018 to be a busy year for Borsan Cable and Borled. Underlining that the quest for different markets will accelerate in 2018, Mr. Olmez answered our questions about companies and their targets.

Would you tell us about your products and your production infrastructure?
As Borsan Group, we are producing copper cable, aluminium cable, special design low voltage cable, electrical appliances and LED lighting products in the electrical products segment.

Did you determine your road map for 2018? Would you share your goals and projects with us?
First of all, we expect to have a busy year for our companies Borsan Cable and Borled in 2018 because we have completed our production-sales organizations that will form the basis of this infrastructure. Our work on LED luminaire production, which we started in 2016, has finally been turned into production as of November and we are in the market with our new domestic LED product group since December. On the other hand we also carried the low voltage and special cable production lines operating in Milano - Italy to Samsun. As a result, we have moved all of our factories which produce furniture, copper cable, aluminum cable, special design low voltage cable, electrical appliances and LED lighting products to Samsun. As it is known, our aluminum factory was in Gebze and our factory producing weak current and special cable was in Milano. Having moved our 5 plants to Samsun, we have gained a great advantage in operational terms and we enter 2018 with this motivation.

How was the year 2017 from the perspective of your company?
In 2017, we realized a growth of 35 percent in terms of turnover. But we cannot call it a real growth. The growth in the turnover was not due to quantity but the increase of raw material prices and the increase in exchange rates. But what even more important than the turnover are the profitability ratios. We cannot say that 2017 has been a productive year in terms of profitability. Unfortunately, this is the common problem of the entire industrial sector in recent years. Departing from here, we can explain our reason for moving to different product groups as increasing our profitability. In 2018, we will accelerate our search for different markets.

How much of your sales did you make to the domestic market, and how much did you export to abroad?
As Borsan Group we are an ISO 500 company exporting its products to 75 different countries and we are the market leader in 15 countries. We are referred as a quality brand in all our markets and we will use this advantage to the maximum when presenting our products to the world markets. For Borsan branded products, we aim to strengthening our brand image by increasing the awareness about Borsan branded products as well as their reputation.

What were the main problems you experienced as a company in 2017?
Poor quality LED products of Far-East origin in the lighting product group were unfortunately a source of inefficiency and harmful to the economy of our country. However, the circular issued by the Ministry of Economy in July 2017, has been a very positive development for the sector and domestic producers as it has led to a serious increase in the inspection and control over the import products, especially those originating from the Far-East, through TSE Strict supervision of import products and the additional tax imposed on the import of finished products has motivated domestic producers like us. With this motivation, we have accelerated our planning of domestic LED product manufacturing which was already our target for a while. With the saving to be provided by the products that we manufacture in Turkey under our Borled brand, we aim to provide an important contribution to the approach favoring efficient use of natural resources.