Turkey’s second biggest aluminium cable factory owned by Borsan Group was inaugurated by the Turkish Minister of Economics, Elitaş and Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports, Kılıç


Turkey’s second biggest aluminium cable factory, founded in Samsun Central Organized Industrial Site on a 40,500 square meter indoor area and cost 110 million Turkish Liras, was opened with a ceremony. As well as the Turkish Minister of Economics, Mustafa Elitaş and Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports, Akif Çağatay Kılıç; the Governor of Samsun İbrahim Şahin; Justice and Development Party’s  (AK Parti) Bursa Deputy Bennur Karaburun; AK Parti’s Samsun deputies Ahmet Demircan, Fuat Köktaş, Orhan Kırcalı and Hasan Basri Kurt; Nationalist Movement Party’s (MHP) Samsun Deputy Erkan Usta; Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) Samsun Deputy Kemal Zeybek; Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz; Provincial Police Chief Vedat Yavuz; OMU Rector Prof Dr. Hüseyin Akan; AKP Samsun Provincial Head, Muharrem Göksel; former Samsun deputies Adem Yıldız, Cemal Alişan, Musa Uzunkaya, Ahmet Yeni, Mustafa Çakır, and Mustafa Demir; several provincial and district heads, businesspeople, representatives of state institutions and organizations Borsan’s agencies and customers from 65 countries and all around Turkey participated in the ceremony.

Exportation to 65 countries on 4 continents
Borsan Group’s CEO, Adnan Ölmez delivered a speech prior to the opening and said; “In 32 years, Borsan Group has continued its activities with 15 companies. 2,200 people are employed in these companies, five of which are located abroad. The Group exports to 65 countries in four continents of the world, and it is a market leader in eleen of these 65 countries. It is either the cable brand selling the most in these markets, or it is the most trusted brand. Previously, Borsan took pride in producing high quality products, possessing national or international quality certificates or the using technological devices. Yet, we do not anymore, because high quality is Borsan’s standard now. You may build a factory, but becoming a brand is so challenging. We engage in various activities to carry the brand to a better position than it is today. Our new investment is on a 21,000 square meter land in total. It covers a 40,500 square meter indoor area, and a 7,500 square meter outdoor area. Its annual aluminium-melting capacity is 25,000 tons. Currently, 220 persons are employed. The facility cost 110 million Turkish Liras in total, with the land, infrastructure, building, machine and operational costs. We have completed this building in six months and all infrastructure works for the machines in 30 days. We started production on January 16, 2016.”

“Serious amount of money is spent”
Samsun’s Governor İbrahim Şahin stated that he believed Borsan Group would soon establish its fibre optics plants and said; “The world is experiencing serious fluctuations nowadays. There have been significant contractions since 2008. Though we have had some relief since 2012, the regional wars or conflicts are consistently bringing the economy down. Considering the financial state of the country, the rise of the currency exchange rate has come to a halt in Turkey despite all the negativities. Economy is growing, investments are being made. There might be some people who might think the worst of it, but it is a fact that, it is not so easy to decide on and establish such big plants. Serious amount of money is spent. The decision-taking process and the initiatives are all very important. This plant exports to 65 countries.”

“We are taking big steps”
The Minister of Youth and Sports, Akif Çağatay Kılıç stated that significant investments were being made in several areas in Samsun and he said; “This plant is worth 110 million TRY. The investment was made in Samsun. Sometimes we run into debates regarding Samsun. People ask whether Samsun is progressing, whether investments are being made or not. I guess this plant is a sound proof that would give the best answer to such questions. We are taking big steps to the future. We work day and night in unity to achieve this. Step by step, we are progressing towards this target. Now, our position is a lot better compared to the previous years. Hopefully we will have an even greater position in the future. We’ll achieve this all together.”

“We export the cables produced in this plant to 179 points around the world.”
The Minister of Economy, Mustafa Elitaş expressed that; factories and machines sounded like poems, songs to him; contrary to many people for whom these might sound like noise. He said: “Factories and machines might sound like noise to many people but as for me, they sound like poems and songs. People who establish such a plant with indoor facilities on 40,500 square meters of land area and contribute to the country’s economy are certainly praiseworthy people. Construction works of this plant was completed in six months. It is significant that the plant came into operation in such a short time. To build a plant in six months and to make it ready for operation and production in one or two months are very important progresses for the country. Here, we are talking about a construction covering 40,500 square meters of area. I once had to work for 2.5 years to make construction on 5,000 square meters of area. There were too many challenges such as providing electricity and water to the construction site, or building roads to take cement to the site. Borsan exports to 65 countries. Turkey’s exportation of electrical materials is worth around 10.5 billion dollars. Almost 2 billion dollars of this amount comes from cables. We export the cables produced in this plant to 179 locations around the world. Considering that Borsan exports to 65 countries, we can export to 114 countries more. Hopefully soon, while eating our food with the workers, we will ask Adnan Ölmez; “How many more did you add to that 65?”

 “There are around 12,000 products we can export to the USA”
The Minister, Elitaş expressed that the USA was among the leading global importers and emphasized that there were thousands of products the Turkish companies could export to the USA. Elitaş concluded his comments as follows; “The USA imports 17,239 types of products globally. 13,779 of these are made in China whereas 5,221 types of them are made in Turkey. This means, there are around 12,000 products the Turkish companies can export to the USA. We export 1,008 products to the USA together with China. Turkey gains 2.8 billion dollars from the exportation of these 1,008 products whereas China gains more than 70 billion dollars from these same products. 771 items are among those exported by Turkey together with China. We observe that the prices in Turkey are cheaper, and there is also competitive advantage against China. So why can’t we export these 70 billion dollars of products from Turkey?”